Friday, May 8, 2009


#1 - If a woman "willfully" engage in a sexual relationship with a family member and become pregnant, should the government pay for the child's corrective (gender) surgical procedure?

#2 - "If a man cuts off his penis, pumps himself full of hormones, gets silicone breasts and electrolysis, and stuffs his feet into high heels is he...a woman?"

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  1. The answer to the first question is HELL NO!
    The answer to the second question is HELL NO!
    But what I would like to clear up is, everybody that is gay is not an intersexual and their parents are not related. Some of these people are 100% male or female and they just prefer being with the same sex. However I don't think that the government should be paying for anyone's alternative life style. There is plenty of people out here that just need help living a regular life. Why don't the government help us.

  2. @ 6:19 AM

    I agree that not everyone who is "gay" or "lesbian" are intersexuals, but i believe that the partner that they were "seduced" by was born as a intersexual. I have a relative that was born straight. She didn't grow up in an abusive relationship and her family members didn't have children by their family members. Now, she's gay and her girlfriend was born as a intersexual (her girlfriend is extremely dominant). The girlfriend is about eight years older than my cousin. The girlfriend use to come around when she was younger but my cousin lied and claimed her as just a "friend". A few years later my cousin announced that she was "gay" and she gets very angry if someone doesn't accept her "girlfriend". In all honesty, she has tried to harm one of my family members because she's not cool with all this gay stuff and this family member is aware that this gay girl was born as a intersexual because my cousin is a private investigator and has conducted a backgroup of this gay fe-male and her family members.

    I understand that not everyone was born as a intersexual. Intersexuals results from incestous relationships.

    I read up on the "muxe" in Mexico City. I presented this topic as a research assignment during my college years. There was a "muxe" in my class who shared their story with me. She or he fled Mexico City because they didn't want their "son" to be raped and this person could no longer accept the lifestlye on Mexico. She or he - i say this because she didn't change the way she was born and she's working on pushing this out "her" generation.

    So my answer to your question is NO and NO!

  3. I truly believe that Tampons were made especially for hermaphrodites (the ones with two genetails). If you think about this, if a person has a penis and a vagina - they can't wear a regular pad - so instead they have to wear a tampon on one side.

    A "Dyke" is short for a Hermaphro - "dite".

    "Dyke" and "Dite" sound the same but they are spelled differently.

  4. @ 5:41 EXACTLY. What people need to do is study words. Words that sound exactly the same but are spelled differently and "SUPPOSELY" have different meanings. In doing so you can find the hidden meaning to alot of the BS that is taken place in society today, because the Devil plays on words. People are so blindsided that they don't look for the picture within the picture. The truth of a situation can be staring you right in the face, but because your not taking the time out to figure out what a person is really saying, it is easy for you to be led astray.

    These celebrities, with all their devilishment, are giving us clues as to what they are really about. The public has been mentally asleep for so long they are not catching on. Take Gay Z for instance, he is constantly talking about the Illuminati and how he sold his soul but when you point that out to most people, they will tell you that you are crazy. They'll say that you are reading too much into the lyrics. When I encounter a person like this, I keep it moving because like the saying go "many are called but few are chosen". If it was meant for them to wake the fukk up then they will no longer be snoring, you feel me.

    It is very dangerous to be living in a society where the majority of the SHEEPLE are deaf, dumb and blind. You must be very careful what you say to certain people, because these are the people that is going to deliver you to the hands of the beast.

    Did yall know that there are concetration camps that they are ready to send people to as we type. THINK ABOUT THIS, remember when hurricane Katrina hit (which was caused by the storm machine that the government has called HAARP, the Gov. also blow the levies up so the lower ninth ward would flood out) and they were shipping people to the midwest? We my brothers and sisters they sent alot of those people to these concetration camps. Alot of these victims are still missing. The reason you don't hear about this is because the Media that you rely on and put your total trust in, is not reporting this. The government controls the media, hell most of the big wigs in the media industry are a part of the secret society that is running the planet. WAKE UP MY PEOPLE, THE HOUR GLASS IS ALMOST EMPTY. May peace and blessings be upon you.

  5. Dear Readers please look up these subjects on the net. It will shock you.

    AREA 51

    These are just a few for now. Please research this and keep an open mind. You need to be brain washed. Yes your brain must be wash and cleansed of all the negative thing that you have been taught about yourself. You will be suprised at how powerful you are.

  6. All of these "mixed" celebrities are coming out with sex tapes and nude pictures. That white blood that's flowing through their bloodstreams is driving them to destruction!