Monday, June 1, 2009

Cuba plans sex-change operations

A year after a ban was lifted, Cuba plans to soon start performing sex-change operations, the president's daughter said Wednesday.

Mariela Castro, a sexologist and gay rights advocate, said she has identified 19 transsexuals ready to have the procedure.

In comments to a health conference that were aired on state television, Castro did not say when the surgeries would begin.

The government headed by her father, President Raul Castro, would pick up the tab.

The first successful sex-change operation was performed on the island in 1988, but subsequent procedures were prohibited.

The Health Ministry authorized the operations last year, but none has been performed since.

Some Cubans protested the reversal of the ban, either because of general opposition to the procedure or for its high costs for a developing country with economic problems.

Mariela Castro, who runs Cuba's Center for Sex Education, said she supports the lifting of a ban on lesbians being artificially inseminated.

Mariela identified 19 well known hermaphrodites to receive a "free" sex-change. She also supports the artifically insemination of "Hermaphrodites". Her family or rather the government will "fund" this project.

She look more like Fidel than Raul. This transformation was a courtesy of the estrogen enhancer "Premarin".

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