Monday, June 29, 2009

Musical Selection:

Joe Jackson, the 79-year-old patriarch of the musical clan, made a surprise showing on the red carpet at the Black Entertainment Television awards, which had transformed into a remembrance for the pioneering King of Pop.

During a live interview on CNN television, Jackson introduced an unidentified man who appeared to be a business partner, saying he wanted to make "a real good statement".

"Marshall and I have - we own a record company. Talking about Blu-ray technology. That's the next step," Jackson said.

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  1. I hate to say this but it's true: joe Jackson is suffering from alzheimer's.

    He's so off balance and this is the worst time for him to make decisions that relates to his family. It's time for someone else within his immediately family to step in and gain control of the family business.

    The "family" lawyers is nothing but an opportunist.

    This family lost Michael because of a inexperienced DOCTOR who had fake certifications etc.

    NOW there's a lawyer who is AN opportunist!

    The worst thing Joe can do is be around a lawyer while he's suffering from alzheimer.

    He's not a YOUNG manager anymore.