Monday, June 29, 2009

Update: Amber Rose

As reported on the Mediatakeout website, AmberRose appeared recently with a few sores around her mouth. This website was also responsible for producing pictures of Rihanna was a similar outbreak around her mouth. I find it rather odd that the outbreak of both women appeared on the same side and following several stressful events. It's rather strange that around the time these outbreaks occurred, Amber and Rihanna were both going through "issues" with their boyfriends; Kayne West and Chris Brown.

Archives of Surgery
Authors Jonathan Hutchinson, Hunterian Society
Publisher J. & A. Churchill, 1890
Original from Harvard University

The Medical Vocabulary
by Robert Fowler
Full view - 1860


  1. The outbreak is on the same side of the mouth for both of these women.


  2. This disease is rampant in Hollywood!

  3. @8:35 PM

    This just validates the sexual rituals that take place in Hollyweird.

    They have sex all day and performed all night!


    They perform all day and have sex all night.

    Rihanna and Chris brown fought over this. This lead to their breakup. She was all stressed out because he broke up with her. Then due to the stress she had a outbreak. It's the same shit that happened to amber when kayne seperated from her. She had a outbreak.

    Katie Holmes and Pris Hilton has the same spread in the same areas around their mouth areas.

  4. LOL

    Amber and Rihanna has the break out in the same area.

    Which means that they got it from the same person!

    It's in the SAME AREA!


    Somebody been sucking poison out of a woman's VAGINA!

  5. If a person gave me this shit, i would smack the shit out of her and keep moving.

    I don't support violence but if you give me this shit, i will smack you and keep moving.

    If the police come looking for me, i will tell them that i found out you had herpes and you gave me this shit and then i would tell them they you tried to FIGHT ME and i smacked the shit out of you.

    This is disrespectful!