Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Kathoey: Kimora Lee

Kimora Lee Perkins

Kimora Lee Simmons (born Kimora Lee Perkins on May 4, 1975) is an American model, author, the head of design for Baby Phat, KLS, a new line called Fabulosity, and is occasionally an actress. Simmons’ ancestry is African from her father and Japanese-Korean from her mother’s side of the family. Simmons became CEO of Phat Fashions after her ex-husband Russell Simmons stepped down.

Simmons was born in St. Louis, Missouri. She is of Japanese and African American descent. Her mother is Joanne Perkins (who was adopted by an American serviceman during the Korean War and renamed Joanne Perkins), who now goes by the Japanese name “Kyoko”, which she asserts was her “full blooded Japanese mother’s name. Her father is African American Vernon Whitlock Jr., who previously worked as a federal marshal, a social security administrator, and then a barber in St. Louis. He served three years for drug charges while Simmons was in grade school.

Kimore Lee's Biography

Jan 18, 1999

Sep 2002

September 25th, 2007

It's such a fade within Hollywood to parade around town with a Kathoey from Bangkok. Russell Simmons is one of the industries moguls who frequents Thailand, Bangkok. They say - that katheoy's who can carry children are more profitable. I wonder if Russell met Kimora at this wedding ceremony:

April 20, 1998


  1. DAMN!


  2. That first picture truly explains the reason why Kimora can't seems to get her clothing line right and also the reason why her attitude is trashy!

    She want to be black so bad just like the gay man she married.

    What's going on with her daughters? I guess we will wait until they hit puberty.

  3. the first gay man she married. It's true that she's a lesbian and the second gay man she married is just another arranged situation within Hollywood.

    I was reading through the sandrarose website. Sandra had a picture of one of Kimora's daughters with a picture of Jay from America Next TOp model. I truly believe that Jay was a sperm donor.

    I wouldn't be surprise if Jay was having sex with Russell Simmons.

    These so-called celebrities are FREAKS!

  4. I always wondered why all these celebrities are so freaking tall. I use to didn't like Kimora, but she kind of grow on me. But I remember talking to this female cop in the library and she was telling me that it has been a known fact for years that Kim is a lesbian. Then I read in bossip that she and Tyra Banks fuck each other. I TRULY BELIEVE THIS. Tyra can't seem to get and keep a man to save her life.

    Another thing I've always noticed, these black celebrities can't seem to get pregnant w/o the use of fertility clinics. That is not normal in the black community because our sisters have very strong reproductive systems. Like I said before this SUBJECT has helped in answering alot of questions that I had. I read somewhere, probably in the bossip comments, that Kimora and Russell use to bring other women in their bed and Kim was more interested in the women than Russ.

    I don't believe that Kim's present husband is gay at all. But I do believe that he has been paid handsomely to be with Kim. He is most definately a beard.

    As for Kimora's daughters one of them really favorS Russ to me. And I was thinking why is Russell being a serial dater. You can tell that his ass is miserable. He wants to come out the closet sooooo bad that it is eating him up.

    You don't hear much about Russ and Run's older brother. I believe I read somewhere that he is suppose to be gay. By the way what the hell is up with Rev. Run. I watched his staged ass Reallity show but it was the phony shit I've ever seen. If you watch carefully you can see that his 3 older children by his first wife, DO NOT LIKE JUSTINE. I know they feel that she is fucking up their inheritance with all these darn other children. If Run already have to daughters and she is accepting of them, why is the hell did she want to become pregnant and have a daughter of her own.

    By the way DO YOU THINK THAT THE BABY REALLY DIED. There is more to that story. They might be hiding the baby our somewhere. And how in the fuck did she adopt a new baby girl that quick. ALL OF THESE PEOPLE ARE FULL OF SHIT.

  5. The baby didn't die.

    Russell and his current wife are cousins. They are rubbing this in the face of Hollywood. They go against the laws that were created and they re-create their own laws because they believe that their celebrity status is the "LAW".

  6. The new baby that's on their stage show is suppose to be a girl.

    Well she doesn't look like a girl to me. As she grow older, she look more and more like a boy.

  7. Kimora went through some serious changes. When i saw the first picture i thought about that show "The SWANN".

    She want to be black so bad and the thing is, I never see any fly ass chinese REAL WOMEN wearing babyphat.

    As a matter of fact SHE ONLY EMPLOYEE HEW OWN KIND and she's another one that's ALWAYS surrounded by GAY women and MEN.

  8. this bitch has to tan her skin everyday.

    everytime she look in the mirror she sees a dirty run-down kathoey.

    this bitch was born as a ladyboy.

    this is what you call take them out the gutter and turn them into something beautiful.

    russell simmons is gay. he keep saying that he's black but he's not. look at his chinky eyes.

    he's dating another chic that claims to be black. she's not black.

    a woman born 100% female and 100% black will not marry Russell Simmons ass. He has no fucking bones in his body and i mean that. I know you saw those pictures of him bent over on the beach.

    Where are his bones?

    That bastard can slide under a fucking door easily.

    These so-called celebrities wish that they were born BLACK.

    Kimora Simmons new boyfriend is GAY. I know you saw that picture of him celebrating the birth of son with a white guy and a black guy. The black guy IS his boyfriend.

    Fucking sperm donors!

    Kimora was PAID to carry their children.

  9. google yuko sumida that bitch look just like a fucking man NOW.

  10. First off I must inform you that there are only 3 HUMAN RACES ON THE PLANET EARTH (this is not counting the extraterrestrials that reside here). You are either NEGROID, CAUCASIOD, OR MONGOLOID. Russell Simmons is BLACK. He is just a freak of nature though.

  11. black westerners are the e.t.'s they are not human like the africans and other races. they are from a an ancient race of cooper skin wolly haired extra terrestrials who slightly resemble the bluish black skin africans called naga's. they first landed in the orient. all the other races were created in a lab with a mixture of huminoid and ape genes or primates. this is why the africans get business loans to open braiding shops, resturants, graduate from college more than whites and asans combine(ivy league particularly) and are medical professionals. they are no different from the korens who own beauty supplies and it was set up that way via integration. inaddition, to hunger literacy is a huge problem in africa. most of these immigrants are from rural village areas in war torn countries. the u.s government is aware of the estimated 70% illeterate of the africans immigrants yets they own braiding shops and are nurses? african governments wouldn't dare give a loan to an illeterate village women to open a braiding shop and yet the us gov is willing to?!! black ppls wake!