Wednesday, June 17, 2009

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I was told yesterday Lauren London was at lost for words today after finding out that her baby daddy was expecting another child yesterday. Lauren who is almost 6 months pregnant didn’t know anything about Nivea pregnancy, and found out online and was outraged. Like every other star these days, she took to her Twitter page to express how she felt. But after speaking to a family friend left the topic alone.

She then decided to spend the day with her family and close friends. Lauren told her friends that she is worried if her career is over as a result of these issues. As we all know Lauren is on the pinnacle of Black Hollywood as the face of Sean John and reoccurring role in the remake of Beverly Hills 90210 on the CW. A reliable source stated that Wayne doesn’t want anything to do with Lauren.

Today Nivea called Ryan Cameron’s and confirmed that she is indeed pregnant with a boy. In fact, both of them are pregnant with Wayne’s sons. This is a really bad situation, considering that she is knocked up and the baby daddy is in love with someone else.

Lauren London can have any man in the world but she chooses to get with an engaged man… Is the recession effecting men too!!!! This makes Wayne about 4 babies up and 4 baby mamas down. I guess it is true about Wayne ” He can f*&^k any girl in this world”.

June 15, 2009


  1. I read an interview that Laura London did and she is dumb as hell. The comments she made about the type of man she is attracted to is why she is in this perdicament right now.

    She should have known that Lil Wayne could not be trusted to have a baby by. I believe she just wants that baby for security. Her career is taking off very slow and this baby is her back up plan.

    Didn't Nivea just have a baby by someone else? I know she has the twins(I think_ by The Dream. Shes another airhead Bitch. With her old looking ass. TOO MUCH MAKEUP.

    Wayne looks like this voodoo Doll that played in a movie back in the late 70's. The doll came to life and was killing ppl. He don't look like he have very good hygiene either. How you gonna let that troll hit it raw.


    Lil Wayne look just like "CHUCKIE" with dreads!

    He performed last year at a voo doo fest. I don't understand why their's a damn fest called voo doo and i heard people get down and dirty.

    Lauren London is just another simply ass bitch who is using her ligh skinned-ness to pull men in.

    She's a hot ass and probably fucked her way to the top and her trip when cut short when she allowed lil wayne to have sex with her without a condom.

    These bitches are hooked on money. All she saw was dollar signs and she focused on the fact that he sold $1 million record in less than one month or did this take place in his first week of sales?

    Nivea has a baby by her cousin "The Dream". The child was born as a intersexual. She had a child before the dream. Now she's having a baby by wayne.

    Wayne just had a baby boy last year by some asian chic.

    This dude is another "Eddie Murphy". He's having sex with all these women without a condom.

    Some jealous woman will stick some voo doo crap up her pussy to infect his ass with some deadly disease.