Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

It upsets me when bloggers refuse to post the truth about these so-called celebrities. Chastity Bono was born as a hermaphrodite. For many years, Cher dressed her daughter as a girl and as soon as she hit puberty, she began to transform into a male. Throughout Chastity's life, there were many "staged" relationships with men that didn't last long. Chastity tried to hide her true gender by adapting to the lifestyle of a RockStar. In 1990, the Star was the first tabloid magazine to "out" Chastity and as a result, she was forced to come out as a lesbian. To date, she has decided to undergo a sex change operation to become a man. After her sex change is complete, Chaz will marry her or his longtime girlfriend; Jennifer Elia.


  1. Damn did Sandra Rose make that post above. She just about said that she was a damn hermaphrodite. What they mean by "she don't need a penile implant. She must have kept the one that she had from

  2. RIGHT!

    Her penis grew but she's still having periods and whatever a man go through, she will go through. She will go through men-o-pause also.

  3. But Sandrarose will not use the term "hermaphrodite".

    She has a lot of readers and if i was her i would educate the population.

  4. If that is the real picture of Sandra Rose, she is a man looking sister her damn self. I think they say that she is from Jamaica but reside in Canada. Alot of these Blogsites that become popular start to be controlled by the industry. MediaFakeout, Nicole Bitchie and Perez Hilton just to name a few, have all been infiltrated. THEY ARE FULL OF SHIT.