Monday, June 22, 2009

Study Links Loud Mufflers to Penile Inadequacy

Early in the study researchers were having a difficult time obtaining subjects, Dr. Knoffler explains "at the beginning of the study we were using only female research assistants and we had a significant percentage of subjects fail to comply, on a hunch I brought in a male assistant and when a subject rebuffed the female assistants request we sent in the male researcher.

It turns out that quite a number of these guys would rather expose themselves to another man than to a woman. When queried about their sexual orientation however they were emphatic that they were not gay. Although it was beyond the scope of this study I suspect that the Larry Craig Syndrome is playing a role here." The Larry Craig Syndrome or LCS is used to explain the behavior of a man who is in such deep denial about his homosexuality that he continues to deny it even when presented with direct evidence to the contrary. "It's way beyond being in the closet"

A surprising finding related to women with loud pipes. Women are 83% less likely to have loud exhaust systems which comes as no surprise, "The unexpected finding was that 37% of the 'women' with loud pipes were actually men in drag, of the remainder 22% were actually hermaphrodites which is far in excess of the 0.003% rate for the whole population. "Most women are quite embarrassed to be making so much noise and explain that their boyfriend of husband bought the vehicle".

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