Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Truth About: "Troglodytes"

First and foremost, i would like to extend a "Thank You" to reader "BlackGod". Throughout your comments, you managed to educated us on the "troglodites" species. I was a bit puzzled over the word and as a result i sought out to research and discover the meaning and where the term orginated from. After i read through the book below, I've come to the conclusion that the "troglodites" were later named "hermaphrodites" as "Homo Sapiens" are now called "Humans".

Nature's Body: Gender In The Making of Modern Science‎
by Londa L. Schiebinger
Limited preview - 2004

Story Continues....


  1. wow alicia looks like a boy......

  2. Thanks Moderator. But you know what, people need to really understand what is happening in the world today. The world as we know it, is coming to an end. We are dealing with many anomalies.

    Did yall know that Extraterrestrials really exit. They have been living amongst us for ages. The Reptilians are actually the ones that are controlling the planet. You also have beings that resonate on "the Fourth dimension". WE ARE EXISTING ON THE 3RD dimension. We are living in a spirtual prison. The powers that be do not want us to elevate our consciousness because this will break the stronghold that they have on Humanity.

    Thats were all these hermaphrodte celebrities and politicians come in at. Because of the genetic make up of their bodies, it is easier to possess them. Their bodies can be used by these beings from the 4th dimension.

    Haven't anyone noticed that when you see these celebrities in person THEY LOOK LIKE DEMONS. Man, they don't even look human anymore. This is because alot of them are possessed.

  3. Moderator, I was on the Bossip website reading through the comments concerning Usher and Tameka's divorce, and one of the bloggers stated that BEN VEREEN is Usher's real father. Now I don't believe that that is true, however Usher and his mother favor Ben Vereen. Do you think that it is possible that Mr. is in the family tree???

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    Okay I see that symbol at the bottom. Is that a

  6. I visited the site hermaphroditus-xxy.blogspot and it is all in French. Sorry but I only speak English and very very little Arabic. However it looks interesting.

  7. Hey @

    I would like to know more about the information posted on this site but it's in french.

    I agree with you blackgod. This stuff is deep and very real. Continue to educate us all. I am unable to convert the french text to english. You should post in english.

    The UK is known for calling out people who where born as a intersexual. I would like to know more.

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