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The Hermaphrodite Culture In Thailand Examined....

A Ladyboy from Thailand

Zhang Hop: Simon Thailand, into the toilet tips
Author: Chang Chi-Hop

A reference to Thailand, it is easy to think of the magnificent pagoda temple in Bangkok, Pattaya beautiful white sands of Coconut Grove, false picture of the nightlife, as well as the glorious "Simon." Language in Thailand, "Simon," called "Grateal", then create a nondescript English vocabulary - "Shemale".

Those specializing in the performing arts, from the beginning of a large number of urine estrogen use and development of the special men. Simon like Peugeot charming woman, and even more than girls, "feminine", but they only have, if not a sex change operation, lower part of the body is still not healthy male development.

The United States and the girl's body realistic, but they still men "abuse flesh", and the provisions of the law in Thailand: Simon is a male. (Below: go all the way, come to the fore the "champion Simon").

And the eunuch in ancient China, the dry line, and how high the door prominent families, rich kids? Because of the poor at home, in order to mix feed, only role to act as such. Thailand, known as "Buddhism are" Madadayo Mountains Afar in kind under the watchful eyes of Buddha, those men and women still can not escape this life of the Oliver.

The poor more than the seedling Simon一it fell, and then a long一. Thailand to train with the special character of such schools.

Simon culture, they have, the general two-three-year-old children, also do not understand this wonderful world What is the thing, it was forced to begin a series of professional training, for those ignorant fools boy, the Simon is the spirit of doing a disaster.

Since then, they will be unconditionally and to move closer to the feminization of the standard, but it is difficult to distinguish what is their own "Girl", or "boy".

Gender disorder caused by psychological torture, which is far beyond the physical ravages of their own. They are also desperate for money can not be a costly sex change operation, as a woman can not be the same, but also to see the health of a man's world.

Simon is often ghosts, hell no, Yang does not stay the World. Simon school of small boys who were deliberately dressed as girls, not only to shape, but also seek to spirit likeness.

To this end, the boys have to take large doses of female hormone drugs, in order to limit the normal development of male reproductive organs. Probably, after more than 10 years, the feminization of the living habits of the depth of bone marrow, a large number of female hormones also play a role, Breast waspish "beautiful girl" will appear in public before - unfortunately, in addition to root a very small number of people who know the outside world think that "They" are the most beautiful.

As the saying goes: "people in power, the time spent." Graceful of these "Shemale", is about to enter the performing arts sector, the entertainment business for the future days, destructive to fish for the money.

Season has just started, how to say "destructive to fish for money," then? Although Simon symmetrical body, face exciting precincts; However, the "good life" is too short, can be a flash in the pan, not the twinkling of an eye.

Simon normal physiological cycle of about three stages: First, the long-term 18 years ago, this time, coincides with the "feminization" of the assault phase, is also trying hard to learn the skills of the golden period of art. Second, 20-year-old peak at the same time, Simon is also the cause of the peak period, as the saying goes: MA Ying-door car, money rolling in - a flower, can kick it open!

Unfortunately, this announcement came, they do anything they want, not looking at the eyes, after about 26 years old, then all of a sudden into the aging period. As a result of excessive female body dysfunctional, just as the tip of Simon dumping of aging.

They just years old, like almost the same as normal 60-year-old, color, eye, wrinkles ... ... irresistible to hit. Even more terrifying is that the role of estrogen is getting smaller and smaller, the male characteristics of congenital quickly revealed, for example, rough skin, large pores, small voice, also - At this time, the biggest pain Aging is not the body of a sudden; but strong gender distortion, so that they do not have any sense of the spirit of conversion.

Simon poor will "premature death", their body has long been overdrawn, and hollowed out, and generally live beyond the age of 40, even 35 years later, began a wave of wave of death.

"sex" line-up, an I am able to identify male and female?)

Thailand really strange groups of monks, Simon is also a group. It is said that Simon school students also store salesman Simon. Only the public has got used to not like all of a sudden hit, "King Kong" or as an alarm rejection.

Clearly, Simon also, in their daily lives, they inevitably will be a lot of inconvenience. For example, a large eye miscellaneous, 1:00 inconvenience on how to bathe, how changing, how does the toilet? Although, the law in Thailand: Simon is a male; After all, they usually have the woman's life, in the outside world view, they are the President, Miss. It is said that to deal with this thing is very random, changing, toileting, often based on the same day wear Simon. If a lady, followed by women on the go-Bin; if the men's wear, they can only blame the title, the men with the convenience of temporary convenience. However, a lot of Simon to value "hedge," will not easily divulge their true gender, earn money on the more capital, anyway, good day is one day less than two for a long while, how can easily be wasted?

Shaohua, such as water, the old sirens easy. Thailand false picture of the city, the waterfront everywhere in selling the subject of drink. A variety of color, a variety of languages spectators, curious about the beautiful view of the Simon EXILE, but very few people care about, they have small how to, how old do after?

Story Continues...

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