Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Update: David Carradine

They just made the funeral of David Carradine, star of Hollywood that starred in the movie "Kill Bill". But the cause of death is not defined. According to a study by the latest edition of the magazine "Globe" in collaboration with a retired FBI agent, the death of David Carrodine is not in any way to a suicide rate sexual asphyxia, but was killed by two shemales of Thailand.

The producer David Winters, a good friend of David Carradine, manitestó: Surely, "they" resort to vile and cruel means to smother David Carradine. This approach was shared by former FBI agent Ted Guanderson, who was hired by "Globe" to go to Thailand to investigate the case and found that before his death, Carradine was actually with two shemales in the hotel bar.

Ted Gunderson said: These two shemales fixed their eyes on the road to money and then mistook it for leading to "two" to his room. It was possible that these two shemales poisoning what to leave and then fainted hung inside the closet, making the move as a suicide. Ted Gunderson found that traces left standing in the bed Carradine was not himself, but should be the "one", which left these prints to hang the noose around the neck of Carradine.

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  1. They know that David Carridine was murdered by two Hermies, but if they revealed that info, this will out alot of the celebrities that go over there looking for these freaks. I don't care, these people are not normal. Fuck what ya heard. Their whole state of being is screwed up.

  2. Man! Too many business moguls are vacationing in Thailand. No one knew that David Carridine was there.

    His publicist tried to state that he was there filming a movie - without his staffers.

    David knew that he could have sex with any male (old or very young) in Thailand because the laws are very open!

    How old we he when he died? Trust me, this wasn't the first trip he took to Thailand.