Monday, July 6, 2009

In Hind Sight...

Oct 1986

Mar 28, 1994


  1. What the freak? In 1964 the original Supremes were surrounding a star on the walk of fame that revealed Diana Ross name? How rude was that?

    LOL @ Diana Ross not allowing her children to see the dream girls play. Now that they are older, did they see the movie?

    She look so blank at the funeral like she was paid to show up. Was it that painful to look in the direction of Florence children?

    I see Mary was the only one to show up in 1994 and didn't invite Florence children to witness the Star reveal for the Supremes and Diana submitted a prior engagement notice.


    It seems like Mary Wilson was paid more money giving interviews about the rise and downfall of the Supremes.

    She was the only one to give an account of the events that transpired.

    Did she give Florence children any money to pull them out of their financial difficulties?

    1. Look very closely at that star. It's not Diana Ross.

      It's Dinah Shore!!!

      You can make out "DINA" in black, and "SHOR" in white, because of the way the light hits it.

  2. How depressing is that? To stare down at a star that only displayed Diana Ross name?

    I know the other members of the supremes felt low and unwanted. I mean that's like a star being created for destiny child but only Beyonce's name was on it and she wasn't even a solo artist (at the time).

    Diane wasn't a solo artist around the time this star was placed in honor of the supreme's.