Monday, July 6, 2009

A Hermaphrodite Born in Moscow...

The long-awaited baby born to Sergey and Olga D., a family of young Muscovites, has turned out to be intersex, Russian website reports.

Twenty-year-old mother-to-be enjoyed an easy pregnancy and continued to work well into her third trimester. Her coworkers even joked that she might go into labor while in the office.

Young parents-to-be did not care for the sex of the baby. Olga specifically requested that the doctors do not tell her the gender of her baby.
“We wanted it to be a surprise,” says grief-stricken Olga. “We wanted this baby very much.”

The baby was born on time. The young mother could barely contain tears when she heard the cry of her firstborn. However, Olga could not understand why the doctors delayed bringing the baby to her. Several hours after the delivery, the doctor attempted to explain to the new mother that her baby was born a hermaphrodite. The newborn possessed both male and female characteristics.

Doctors say that the baby is part girl, part boy, and he can be successfully transformed into either a boy or a girl,” said Sergey.

"It’s not uncommon for an intersex child to be raised as a boy, and then to begin self-identifying as a girl at puberty," says a Tushino Hospital doctor

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