Sunday, July 5, 2009

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Michael Jackson and Diana Ross shared a bond that he apparently thought would last long after his death.

In his will Jackson wanted Ross -- who took him under her wing and who he called one of his dearest friends -- to take care of his children if his mother, Katherine Jackson, was not alive or was unable to do so.

Michael Jackson and Dirty Diana

Nov 1983

While the public may have been surprised at Jackson's decision, the two have a long history together.

Although she was older than Michael, they had a real connection and that connection, I think, and that friendship really moved throughout his career."

Jackson even wrote Ross' famous "Upside Down" for her, Wilbekin said.

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  1. I am the mother of Michaels biological child. I have a son by him.Michael has been sending me funds to take care of Michael Jr.

  2. Dirty Diana was f'ing for tracks!

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    And your identity was a kept a secret to shield your child away from all of the B.S. that Michael went through.

  4. @7:36 PM

    Don't rob your son of his childhood. Allow him to grow up in a normal environment. Money doesn't bring happiness. This type of money will bring more problems and stress. Give your son all that things that Michael didn't/couldn't have (or enjoy especially as a child).

  5. Who approved this article to run on CNN? It's awful and lack the proper facts.

    Diana Ross was DIRTY and she did seduce EVERY man that crossed her path. She was f'ing around for tracks and ruin many relationships that Michael had with other women.

    Diana Ross had this ,"If i can't have him then no one will attitude". She's a ruthless whore. She didn't know the father of all of her children and she strung men well known along and had them believing that they were the father.

    She's Dirty and Evil.

  6. well known men along
    famous men black and white

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  8. According to the article posted under the picture of Michael and Dirty Diana, Michal Jackson also wrote "Muscles" for Diana. She was used him to write music for her.

  9. posted below the picture of Michael and Dirty Diana.