Sunday, July 5, 2009

Update: Michael Jackson

"His gift was in his ability to integrate the boy and man – as well as the male and female - within and manifest the spontaneous genius of childhood throughout his life. The kinetic ability to sync mind and body that is both innate and honed by adulthood coupled with the boundless creativity of a child were crystallized by a heart filled with love and sung with an angelic voice."
Quoting: Mark Rockeymoore

Feb 6, 1984

"Jackson was a man of multiple identities, which helped account for his enormous worldwide popularity. It seems clear that he was deeply traumatized by his rough show business childhood, and that things happened to him to arrest his development. Just as a stem cell can grow into any organ, Michael's eternal boyishness made him a chameleon. Increasingly androgynous, he expressed both male and female. A boy and yet a father, he was both child and adult. In part because of his vitiligo, he interrogated his blackness and became, like some other powerful and wealthy African-Americans of his generation, racially ambiguous. Toward the end of his life he bridged his family's Jehovah's Witness brand of Christianity with a profound interest in Islam. He was all things to all people in part precisely because of his Peter Pan syndrome. A child can grow up to become anything, after all."
Quoting: Juan Cole

Dec 1982

"Michael Jackson was also a transformative artist whose appearance provided ample material for magazines and gossip. Despite his ever-changing chameleon colors (literally, he went from black to something not quite human), or because of it, he managed to break stereotypes. He was, in a sense, both black and white, man and boy, male and female, gregarious and shy; a celebrity that we all felt we knew, but who was really a stranger in his own skin.
Quoting: Tinamarie Bernard

Aug 21, 1989

"Their father’s obsession for show biz perfection became Michael’s mania as well. It twisted Michael to transform himself from the cute little boy he started out as into a mutant—neither male nor female, black nor white." Quoting: Peter S. Ferrara

Feb 6, 1984


  1. Yo is it me or do Suzanne Depasse look like a man. She looks as if she can be a Hermie. And what is this reckless shit that Q was talking about Mike. A darn shame.

    I mean, I don't understand why Mike's family wasn't questioning these doctors that was doing all this shit to Mike's body. Especially his mother. Why wasn't they checking on him. I find this very disturbing.

  2. Suzanna Depasse was born as a hermaphrodite. The moderator said that these so called industry leaders are drawn towards hermaphrodites (or shemales).

    There are neither male or female that's why they never state the status of their sexuality.

    Barry Gordy and Quincy married hermaphrodites. They had the insight scoop on this condition but mislead Michael Jackson.

    They didn't care about him. They only cared about the amount of money he made for them; for their business.

  3. Crap!

    Barry Gordy sued Diana Ross in 1991 for 100 million dollars. Diana Ross gave birth to his daughter and she didn't tell him that it was his daughter.

    Diana Ross was fucking for TRACKS!

    She slept with Michael Jackson, Barry Gordy, Smokey Robinison.

  4. I always believed that Diana Ross slept with Michael and she did it while he was still young. I also believe Mr. Gordy took a swipe at him.

  5. "Diana seduces EVERY man but this time SHE wont SEDUCE ME" - Michael Jackson