Friday, July 17, 2009

An Incestuous Relationship Televised on 60 Minutes...

Authorities are considering whether any proceeds of crime can be confiscated from a father and daughter convicted of incest.

In March last year, John Deaves, 61, and his daughter Jenny, 39, told a South Australian court they had had two babies in an incestuous relationship.

Their story was given wide media prominence at the time.

SA police have now referred the case to the state's Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for review.

Mr Deaves's ex-wife Dorothy says it is not acceptable to profit from a crime.

"You know if you're doing something wrong you shouldn't get paid for it," she said.

A DPP spokeswoman said court proceedings were not underway but that action by the Confiscations Unit was being considered.

Convicted criminals cannot profit from their crimes under Australian law.

A "fed-up" Ms Deaves, who revealed she shared two children with her father on 60 Minutes in April last year, has denied accepting cash for the interviews but admits being given gifts.

"[60 Minutes] gave us clothing for the filming of the segment, bought food for us, helped repair our vandalised car and moved our furniture when we relocated after the interview," she said.

60 Minutes executive producer Hamish Thomson said he had no comment today: last year, he revealed the show did not pay the Deaves but instead bought them "clothes from Target".

Ms Deaves said she believed her incest conviction was wrong because she, alongside "thousands of others", suffered from Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA) disorder.

She also slammed Australia's incest laws for being inconsistent.

"Why are the laws so different between states? Why if John and I have sex in SA we get seven years but when we come to NSW it's 20 years?" she said.

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  1. There's no such thing as a Genetic Sexual Attraction.

    The daughter fell into a Electra Complex with the assistance of her father.

    Electra Complex - The unconscious desire of girls to replace their mother and win their father's exclusive love.

    The daughter is still fighting with her mother.

    This is gross!

  2. The CNN staff paid the relocation expenses for the couple and the reason why: two hermaphrodite children were born.

  3. There are some stupid people behind these cameras and reporting these stories and it sound like they all work for CNN.

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