Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Museum Dumps A Carved Hermaphrodite...

Mark Hipper was approached by Taljaard and asked to submit two carved pieces of his art for an exhibition called X2. In response to this request, Mark chose a single carving – a body mask of a pair of female breasts and male genitalia – to showcase the “duality” of his one object.

A bit of choas erupted at the National Arts Festival after Mark's carved oject was shown. The art piece showing the breasts of a woman and genitalia of a man was pulled from an exhibition before the public had a chance to complain.

In 1998 another festival exhibition of his work caused a national outcry – and a police investigation – after Women Against Child Abuse complained that it promoted paedophilia.

Taljaard admitted he initially thought the hermaphrodite mask would have “fitted nicely” with the rest of the X2 exhibition, but when he unpacked Hipper’s work, his colleagues questioned the suitability of the carving in a history museum popular with children and families.

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Can you help me understand the reasons why -- people are becoming upset over this person's artwork?

Sculptures depicting Hermaphrodites are shown throughout the world.

It has been heavily speculated that the Statue of Liberty is of a hermaphrodite. Many people who visit Paris, stop by the Louvre Museum to photograph the Hermaphrodite sculptures. Here's a video clip of a visitor filming this statue:


  1. ".. after Women Against Child Abuse complained that it promoted paedophilia."

    If i was a lead investigator i would've INVESTIGATED the woman who made this statement. Like the moderator said, "These intersexuals/hermaphrodites ARE bitter" and this was truly a BITTER @SS STATEMENT!

  2. These hermaphrodites become extremely irate when they see pictures or even hear the word hermaphrodite.

    Remember - they hate looking at there private area (genitals). If they are walking down the street and a picture of a hermaphrodite is shown - hey they should have poster up with a picture of a hermaphrodite saying something against INCEST.

    Instead these hermphrodites march every years half naked. They are really trying to tell us that they are half and half (meaning half woman half man).

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