Tuesday, July 7, 2009

HBO to develop series from Detroit-set novel 'Middlesex'

Rita Wilson, executive producer of HBO's new projectActor-producer Rita Wilson will be in charge of developing a one-hour series out of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Jeffrey Eugenides novel, "Middlesex."

According to Broadcasting and Cable, Wilson and Pulitzer-winning playwright Donald Margulies are the executive producers of the project. The action of the novel takes place largely in Detroit in the 1920s and 1990s.

"Middlesex" is narrated by a 40-something hermaphrodite living in Detroit, and the story weaves in and out of present day, tracing the narrator's family history from Greece to the U.S. in the 1920s. It's partly the coming-of-age story of Calliope Stephanides, who at 13 learns that, chromosomally speaking, she's actually male, though due to a particular recessive gene, her body doesn't respond much to male hormones; in other words, s/he's a hermaphrodite.

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  1. MODERATOR READ THIS, "HBO is developing a show based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. I'm pretty nervous about them defacing the name of one of my favorite books, but I'll be on board as long as they cast Brooke Hogan as the hermaphrodite."



    1. No she isn't, but to whomever created this fascinating blog please seriously share with all the world some more of your wisdom by explaining where these amazing yet alleged facts come from in regards to incest creating hermaphroditic offspring (Brook is obviously all female because her mom and dad are not related other than by marriage to each other - obviously I meant before they got their divorce. I know I'm being very clear. Just wanted to make it crystal).

      Last I heard was you had to swim in the same pool of water that the son of Aphrodite & Hermes, who's name is Hermaphroditos swam in -which is where the water spirit embraced him so tightly that the more he tried to bresk free of her the tighter she clung on to him as she pleaded to the gods to never b apart from him. They granted her wish by merging their bodies together permanently. He was so upset and depressed that he cursed the pool to make anyone else who ever swims in it an intersexed bring too. So apparently it doesn't really happen by birth defects from incest. Not unless an incestuous mother squated over that pool of water and the bsby fell into it when he shot out of her womb.

      Also out of curiosity, how do u compare a eunich to all the others you mentioned. A eunuch is a castrated male. You can read that in the Bible itself.

    2. Oh well, there are typos. You will just have to looked past them... This has all been typed through my phone.

  2. Oh you are such a breath of fresh air, can I follow you on twitter?