Monday, July 13, 2009

The "Rock" calls WWF backstage announcers "Hermaphrodites"....

Line 1: " Michael Cole, The Rock thinks you can suck on a monkey's nipple."

Line 2: " "Why do you ask The Rock stupid questions? Why are you an ugly hermaphrodite? Nobody knows, Kevin Kelly."

Line 3: "And Lilian wasn't always a RAW Diva. Lilian used to have a job. She used to work at the sperm bank. She got fired for drinking on the job."

And so it began. The Rock took no quarter when it came to berating the old parade of useless WWF backstage announcers. He accused them all of being sick freaks and perverts who wanted nothing more than to take a gander at The Rock's "strudel." Michael Cole, Kevin Kelly, Lilian Garcia, "Masturbating" Mark Lloyd and, of course, Jonathan Coachman all suffered the slings and arrows of The Rock's verbal onslaught. Kevin Kelly might have had it the worst, usually being referred to as "Hermie," which was a short form of "Ugly Hermaphrodite."

Kevin Kelly

Picking on the announcers was The Rock's way of drawing attention to how pointless a backstage interview in wrestling really was. With dumb ass questions along the line of "How do you feel after losing that match?"

Line 4: "Kevin Kelly, let The Rock answer your question with a question of his own: Are you mentally, as well as physically prepared to tickle the anus of a monkey?"

Story Continues...

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