Monday, July 13, 2009

Update: Cher Bono

Rumor has it that Cher Bono has urged her (or son) daughter Chastity (or Chaz) to refrain from televising her sex change. Apparently - but not yet publicized, Cher is afraid that all of her fans will realize that her daughter (or son’s) “intersex” condition is hereditary. Please keep in mind that no one was suppose to know that Sonny and Cher Were cousins!

Here's the story:

Legendary singer Cher is asking her daughter Chastity Bono not to film her sex change surgery for reality TV. Bono, now known as Chaz, announced he was gay in 1995. The 40-year-old began the lengthy gender reassignment process last year (08) and friends and family have already started referring to her as a 'he'.

Since then, Bono has been inundated with offers from TV networks keen to snap up the rights to document his sex-change story. He is reportedly planning to sign a deal - but Cher is begging Bono to turn down the offers, because the procedure should is a private matter.

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  1. Sonny and Cher cousins? what?when?where? source please?