Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Hermaphrodite: Bobby Minton or Gladys Bentley


In the late 1940’s, she starred in show business, both as Bobbie Minton the male impersonator, and as Gladys Bentley. She was once considered a sophisticated cabaret singer who specialized in risqué’ songs. In an interview, she admitted to receiving hormone injections three times a week to accelerate her return to womanhood.

It was once reported that Bobbie Minton wrote a book titled, “Twilight Zone of Sex”. This book was suppose to detail her life experience growing up as a hermaphrodite. She also revealed that following a Doctor visit, she was told that, “Your sex organs are infantile. They haven’t progressed past the stage of those of a fourteen-year-old-child”.

Prior to a sex change operation, she once wrote, “For many years, I lived in a personal hell. Like a great number of lost souls, I inhabited that half-shadow no-man’s land which exists between the boundaries of the two sexes”.

She also pointed out, “I violated the accepted code or morals that our world observes…I was a big, successful star – and a sad, lonely person – until the miracle happened and I became a woman again”.

Here's an insight into the life and times of Gladys Bentley (or Bobby Minton):

Replaceable you: engineering the body in postwar America‎
by David Harley Serlin
Limited preview - 2004


  1. Harpo...oppps i mean OPRAH IS THAT YOU???

  2. Oprah

    "..taking those hormone pills...taking those hormone pills...i'd kill 'em dead if they found out my true identity...".


  3. i dont think this is Oprah but its possible that this is Oprah's sister, which makes this person Jay-Z's great grandmother.

    this is odd, i watch making the band and there is a person who comes in to train singer on the badboy label. she was credited for providing vocal talent to Mary J. Blidge. I forgot her name well this person look just like her too. It's the black lady with the wide mouth kinda heavy.

  4. she plays piano too