Thursday, August 13, 2009

Update: Lady Ga-Ga

The Hermaphrodite Lady Ga Ga was interviewed by "OUT" magazine for their September issue. Within this article, Lady Ga Ga reveals what everyone already knew....that she or he is "gay". She also shares a conversation she had with Kayne West prior to agreeing to join him on tour:

"I just want to be clear before we decide to do this together: I’m gay. My music is gay. My show is gay. And I love that it’s gay. And I love my gay fans and they’re all going to be coming to our show. And it’s going to remain gay.' That’s another clause in the Gagaland constitution: Gay culture shall gush undiluted into the rapids of society. It shall not be co-opted, fancified, dolled up, or Uncle Tommed. 'I very much want to inject gay culture into the mainstream,...'It’s not an underground tool for me. It’s my whole life. So I always sort of joke the real motivation is to just turn the world gay."

"When I started in the mainstream it was the gays that lifted me up...“I committed myself to them and they committed themselves to me, and because of the gay community I’m where I am today.” Quoting: Lady Ga Ga

OUT Magazine
September 2009

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  1. This is exactly what i commented about on the above article about it is again

    no actually they are using gaga as an opening act to what is really coming....slowly but surely we are being programmed to accept this sexual exploitation of every sex.
    Ofcourse they wont come out and say it at first,but they give signs and signals.

    They are saying "its ok have sex with anyone,any-thing"....and in my generation "sex" is being pushed on us more then ever...

    And it usually starts with homosexuality,and then from there,the doors are open to other areas(wich does suck for people who are gay but not innersex)...wich are usually perversions,fetishes ect.