Friday, August 21, 2009

The Hermaphrodite: Jay or Jaye Albright

In 1995, a radio consultant, Jay Albright resigned from his job to undergo a corrective gender operation that transitioned him into "Jaye".

According to his or her bio,"Jaye Albright is a 45-year broadcaster with a experience in all areas of programming, research, sales and management. She is a partner with her longtime business associate Michael O'Malley in the world’s largest country consultancy, Albright & O'Malley".

Here's an update picture of Jay or Jaye with his or her family:

November 1995


  1. There are hermaphrodites in Jay's family @ the mother/father and aunt/uncle.

  2. I really hate to see ignorance, such as your statements, presented as factual information.

    A hermaphrodite is not the same as a gender-dysphoric person. Most transsexuals are not hermaphrodites.

    Jaye Albright is NOT a hermaphrodite. She is a transsexual.

    At least look up the terminology in the dictionary, before you make goofy claims as if you're some kind of expert.