Friday, September 18, 2009

The Hermaphrodite: Maya Angelou

Apr 1970

Have you read, "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings"?

Did you understand this story? Well, it was actually Maya Angelou's autobiography, which details her life growing up as a hermaphrodite.

Here's the part where she attempts to ask her mother what's wrong with her body... her "vagina" and she comes to realize that she's developing into a .... hermaphrodite:

Story Continues....


  1. Makes perfect sense. Maya Angelou is perhaps one of the most masculine women of her era. There are also traces of mongloidism in her features such as the broad face, slanted eyes and monstrous physique, which indicates traits resulting from generational incest. Maya's maternal family spoke very little and were "ultra secretive" about thier heritage so little facts are known and for good reason, I'm sure. The information that IS given is enough to believe that ANYTHING and I MEAN ANYTHING is possible. Just simply google her on wikipedia. One of the key factors is that Maya had many aliases and worked for years as a prostitute and Brothel madam, so there's no telling how many "special" children were concieved,given away,sacrificed or simply "thrown away" during this era since effective birth control was still in question at that time. Her mother and father were victims in the military at a time when mind control experiments were well hidden yet still rampant which probably resulted in her parent's "catastrophic marriage, being unable to support their children and a severely dysfunctional and unstable lifestyle. This and being raped as a child destroyed her dignity and made her extremely suggestible to the corrupt people in arts and entertainment. Miss Angelou "paid her dues" so to speak. And like her close friend Oprah we are programmed to be proud of her for overcoming horrific abuse which they continuously promote in both entertainment and literature. They are still slaves and Boule/Eastern Star puppets for the illuminati along with Bill Cosby and many others. Their job is to uplift/dissociate you with mindless buffoonery poems/art/books about nothing leading you down a path to a hell disguised as wonderland. Cause people look at their fame and money and don't understand the true darkness behind it all.

    1. Couldn't have said it better myself!

  2. @ LadyDee, when i was younger, i was forced to read this book by my school teacher. The book never made sense to me and as i reflect, my teacher didn't explain the real facts that served more of a importance.

    As a adult and after discovering this blog, i know understand the truth behind it all and also the importance of keeping this as a secret.

    Maya Angelou entered many literary competitions as a woman and won. She has fooled the public into believing that she was born female.

    Maya Angelou knew more about this than the public back in 1970. She actually spoke of traveling to a local library to discover the reasons why her body appeared different than people who were born as a straight female or a straight male. She also spoke on reading about people who say that they were born "that way". I mean, this book was published in 1970.

    Maya spent many years deceiving the public. Oprah had the nerve to push her career ahead by validating her lies.

    After reading the article from Ebony Magazine, i was puzzled to know that Maya was a singer, dancer and accomplished song writer.

    I knew deep down inside that something was missing from his or her life. When i finished reading this book, i felt like Maya's mother told her that she was born as a hermaphrodite but Maya didn't want to accept this as reality.

    So, she decided to mislead the public as all hermaphrodites were trained to do.

    I admire your intellect, LadyDee.

  3. Thanks 7:00
    I could be wrong about the possible children concieved. The abundance of testosterone may have prevented that.Unless there are pics somewhere of her being pregnant.
    She has confirmed ONE child who is now a poet that changed his name when he got older to.....
    Get this......GUY johnson!!!!!

  4. @LadyDee

    Hermaphrodites are known to hide their children. Maya Angelou can sing so it's very possible that her children are now singing tunes that she wrote somewhere in Hollywood.

    Oprah and Maya have a lot in common this could be the real reason as to why Oprah picked her as a best friend.

    Shoot, she might be Oprah's great grandmother or Gail's mother.

    For years, many people always called Maya as "ugly looking man".

    Oprah is full of deceit!

    She's a genetic cheater!

  5. look at this picture of Maya Angelous and James Baldwin. James Baldwin look just like Maya and he actually look like he was 'born' that way.

  6. As a matter of fact, Maya Angelou look just like Oprah.

    This might be Oprah's biological mother!


  8. i always thought that cheryl lee ralph was related to maya angelou. to become acceptable in hollywood, you have to scarfice a family member.

    jay-z sold crack to her mother and now he's rapping about it. he sold crack to other family members and these members didn't survive their addiction.

  9. LOL Oprah is OBSESSED with genetics isn't she? She supposedly traced her roots and found out she descended from some part of Africa (I forgot where)but I'm sure that's not all she found! Maya traced her roots back to some part of West Africa as well---another one obsessed with bloodline. Sure, a lot of people are curious but that is a GENERAL curiousity and the reasons range. And based on what we know about these two women they certainly have PLENTY reason to be curious.
    Coming to think of it, I wonder if Oprah plays a role in this sudden Caster thing? I'll find out. I've never really paid attention to that "school" she put together in Africa cause I know she's fulla shit but I think I"ll check it out now.

  10. Well lo and behold! Caster is from South Africa---where Oprah built her famous "school".
    The same school that is under fire for it's now 2nd child abuse scandal case. The media was all over the first one but they covered the 2nd one pretty well! Which makes one wonder how many more cases we don't know about. If 2 scandals became publicly known here in the US then that means child sexual abuse there is much more rampant than we can ever imagine with Oprah herself as the head perpetrator and pervert/dyke hermie bitch!
    Think about it, Oprah is ALL over anything to do with child rape,incest and slavery. Movies: The Color Purple: The main character's inbred children were taken from her and sent to AFRICA!!!! Beloved: Girl comes back from the dead and seduces her father. Their eyes were watching God: Voodoo and the Occult.
    She promotes numerous books about it---So many we can't think of. Maya Angelou and Push to name a couple.
    Then the fat frog-face old bitch takes a TEAM of celebrities and the cameras, of course, to South Africa for the grand opening of a "girls" only school for unfortunate youth. Oprah funded it herself. Yay Oprah. Your better than God.
    Little did we know, it was a breeding ground for all sorts of pedophiles. Of course we will only hear of TWO incidents, Oprah will see to that--SHE"S OVER THERE FREQUENTLY. I wonder how many of her dyke celebrity counterparts drop in over there for some fun as well the men too.

  11. @ LadyDee, the "laws" are very loose in Africa.

    The witch doctors and those who practice voodoo relocate to Africa to perform their occult rituals.

    The children in Africa are born without valid birth certificates. They hold no weight in the states.

    Oprah talks of the sex trade, when in actuality, the sex ‘slave’ trade involved the inbred of hermaphrodites. To this day, people are traveling to Africa to find hermaphrodites (who can give birth) to adopt and bring to Africa.

    I am glad that you spoke on this:

    "Movies: The Color Purple: The main character's inbred children were taken from her and sent to AFRICA!!!! Beloved: Girl comes back from the dead and seduces her father. Their eyes were watching God: Voodoo and the Occult."

    All movies that involved Oprah dealt with incest, rape and some sort of rituals.

    The author of the color purple and the author of beloved was born as hermaphrodites. They are currently living life as a “caged bird”. Maya Angelou taught them – how to deceive the public - very well.

    In beloved, Oprah was in love with her distant cousin. And her daughter was birthed through incest and she too drew an attraction towards her family member.

    They was no discussion of Oprah’s real family in the movie.

    You see, when two family members decide to get involved sexually, all other family members are to disassociate immediately.

    Because they have crossed over to the dark side only evilness surrounds them.

  12. Jay-Z: A Master Of Occult Wisdom?

    September 20, 2009 - At this point, the only pop-cultural event that could possibly upstage Jay-Z's new album, The Blueprint III, is Dan Brown's new book, The Lost Symbol.

    But if Brown thinks he has the market cornered on Freemasonry and the occult, he had better watch his back. Mitch Horowitz, author of American Occult says that Jay-Z has a keen grasp of certain esoterica, especially in the music video for his new single, "Run This Town."

    In an interview with Guy Raz, Horowitz pointed to Jay-Z's use of the phrase "Peace God" as an allusion to the Five Percenters. Also known as the Nation of Gods and Earths, they teach that the original black man is God — and that all men are potentially God. "Peace God" is a typical Five Percenter greeting.

    "A phrase like 'Peace God' does not find its way into someone's vernacular by accident," Horowitz says. "He's making a very definite statement."

    Of course, Five Percent Nation teachings have had a deep impact on hip-hop for many years. Though not a Five Percenter himself, Jay-Z was born and bred in New York, the birthplace of the movement. So it's common to find such references in rap.

    But Jay-Z's connection to the occult may extend a bit further. In the making-of video for "Run This Town," he's pictured wearing a sweatshirt with the phrase "do what thou wilt" printed across the chest.

    "Yes, that has very deep roots in modern occult culture," Horowitz says. "The full expression is 'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.' That was one of the key maxims of the British occultist Aleister Crowley. So when Jay-Z appears in a hoodie with that phrase on it in public, that's exactly what he's referencing."

    Jay-Z's Rocawear clothing line also often draws upon masonic symbols: pentagrams, obelisks, pyramids, the all-seeing eye. Of course, that pales in comparison to the near-obsession with the occult of someone like, say, Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page.

    "I would say that a figure like Jay-Z is probably borrowing some of this material," Horowitz says. "But Jimmy Page was imbibing it even more deeply."

    Horowitz says he takes a positive view of freemasonry and occultists — many of the country's founding fathers were masons, he says. He does stop short of calling Jay-Z an actual member of a secret society.

    "I think he's a very shrewd man," Horowitz says. "I think he's a keen observer of everything going on around him. He's a master at using subversive imagery. You don't find your way to Five Percenter material unless you are very aware of what's going on around you."

  13. To piggyback off of @ 5:39AM

    When these hermaphrodite enter into Hollywood, they rub their fame in the face of those family members who walked away.

    The family members who walked away are often pulled right back in with the attraction of money. And as soon as they return, voodoo is placed on them and they suffer and eventually die.

    You see, these hermaphrodites will never forget how people treated them before they became famous. After they reached a certain celebrity status, they return to select a family member to scarfice.

    Ask Oprah.

  14. I've never cared for Maya Angelou. There was always something totally amist about the bitch. She always hugging and kissing on them Crackers just like Oprah. They are all in the same gang. They've sold their soul to the beast and now they are trying to take us to the abyss with them.

    And oh yeah, that school that Oprah had built in South Africa is nothing but a nesting ground for pedophiles and perverts. I bet that she is selling them girls on the black market. Check this out, I mean how in the heck do we know what is really going on over there. I found it very strange that she would build a school way the fuck over there, when we have underprevilaged children right here in America. She did this so she can do her dirt without public scutiniy. Oprah is the biggest demonic witch amongst the Nubian nation.

    They have aligned themselves with the beast, not realizing or caring for that matter that NIBIRU (the planitarium that is hidding behind the moon) is here to reap the righteous and rage war against the beast. And trust me, the Devil and his followers will not win. They were never able to defeat the ELOHEEM.

    Did yall realize that the majority of your so called politicians, entertainers, athletes and other ppl in high powered posititons are Child molesters. Please read the books by Cathy O'brien, Arizona Wilder, and Brice Taylor. They are entitled, The Transformation of America, My life as a High Priestess, and Thanks for the Memories respectively. They detail how high ranking officials use children as sex and mind control slaves. This shit is still happening til this day. Google titles like The Bohemeian Grove, The Montauk Project, Project PaperClip. We are being ruled by some EVIL DEMONIC motherfuckers yall. This shyt is very serious. The problem is trying to tell somebody, that is mentally dead. We as a nation, have allowed our oppressors to strip us of any type of common sense we had. Now when you try to tell a black person what is going on they laugh everything off. This is referred to as the "monkey syndrome". Like everything is funny.

    May peace and blessing be upon, Wake up the hour glass is almost empty.


  15. Maya Angelous said that there was a mysterious growth on her body. Just like that singer guy from that parilment said "one sex organ don't work". In this book, Maya was trying to tell us that the mysterious thing on her body didn't work.

    I was forced to read her books, just like every other child in school.

    never understood them either.

    surely she's stuck in between genders.

  16. Hey, that unidentified person or thing that was recently discovered in panama resulted from an inbred. Just look at it closely and you can tell the two animals that was choosen for that scientific project. We have some weird scientist around. Totally disgusting. People are trying to say that that thing is a alien.

    Weird scientist are trying to get their work claimed and funded but the government. Their goal is for their work to become top secret and they are sent to some secluded area to continue their weirdness.

  17. As many of you know I've been in the business for about 15yrs in various positions. It was during the summer of 1994 a friend and I were in LA for the Soul Train Music Awards. I was working the event, one of my girlfriends was friends with Wolf Now dead he was one of Sean Combs bestfriends and I like to call him his male groupie on the payroll.

    Anyway we chilled with Diddy, Wolf, Warren G, and a few others the following day after the awards and vowed to hangout when we got back east. That evening us girls caught our flight and arrived home safely, 2 day's later my girl get's a call from Wolf wanting to hang so we all agree to meet at Puffy's apartment which at the time was on 23rd street.

    We get there and we commence to partying and hagning out, Smoking, drinking and doing the things you do when you hang-out. About 3-4 hours into the hang-out session Wolf calls myself, my girlfriend he's trying to holla at, and our other girlfriend to come downstairs.
    So we leave everyone else and follow him I assume he asked just us based on the conversations we'd all been having back in Cali and earlier that evening. We get downstairs and the room is completely blackend out.

    There were couches and a small table in the room, Wolf asked us if we believed in GOD? We all said yes. Nobody was really taking shit seriously hell we was Fcked-up, anyway he asked us individually what we wanted out of life and if by some chance we could have would we do anything for it? Like young chicks we all basically in unison was hell yea! He said good and told us to sit down on the floor, so we did. Puffy wasn't saying anything during our initial questioning, then he joined us on the floor. We sat in complete silence for about 10 minutes just looking back at one another, and then Wolf, Puffy and Suga Dice statred chanting this crazy stuff. At this time the room started to become colder and colder by the minute to the point I was becoming uncofortable cause I likes it hot all the time.

    Still our dumb ass's didn't move or say anything that is until they started talking in voices that didn't sound like what they were previously talking in. At this point it was so cold in the room you could see your breath and I was completely not up for what was going down or about to go down, hell I didn't know what was happening all I know is I knew it was time to go I didn't want to play anymore. I motioned to get up and Wolf shot me a look that seemed to go right through me, I was scared then. I tried to move but couldn't so I just started praying, praying real hard something I hadn't done ever. I didn't do it out loud but the more i prayed the angrier they got it seemed until Puffy looked at me and told me to get out. Not anyone else, just me. I was so scared I didn't even look back at my other two friends I just went up back upstairs. I grabbed my coat and left, Honestly everyone left upstairs seemed to be looking at me real crazy, I got home and tried to forget what happened.

    The next night I had what I thought was a nightmare but it was as real to me as I'm sitting her typing, I was laying in bed and about to dose off to sleep when I smelled something, mind you I was in my aprtment alone and hadn't cooked anything all day. It was a rancid smell almost like a foul man's odor, then my apartment became Ice cold like the night before, and as I tried to wake myself up I felt hands holding me down. Again I prayed to GOD to help me, that what ever was happening to me please save me, it felt like I prayed and struggled all night.

    When I finally woke up the next morning my body felt like it had been through a battle I was sore and my upper arms were bruised. I later told my Nana very, very religious what happened and she said that somebody or something was after my soul. I went on for a couple more years tetering on the edge before I became born again and realized what was trying to be done to me. Sad thing is, I was so eager and xious to be down and get put on I almost sold my soul to the devil to get ahead.

  18. ^^^^That is exactly what happened to you, they were after your soul. What ppl need to understand is that Diddy and the rest of hollywood already belong to Satan. They need more energy mind you, that is all the soul is. It is a energy source. This is why it is so easy to program ppl through music because of the natural electricity that flows through our bodies. This is something that the Luciferians don't have. they lack the emotional body that is connected to the soul. It is because of this they are able to murder newborn babies without blinking an eye. THEY HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO EMOTIONS.

    These celebrities do these rituals so they can alow themselves to be possesses by these unclean spirits. This is the Foul odor you smelt. These demons SINK. What is the first thing a person does that is having a nervous break down, THEY STOP WASHING THEIR ASS. A breakdown is nothing but demon possession. Something takes over your body, you are no longer in control of your thoughts or action. Everyone needs to start studying metaphysics. Stop studying in their fake schools of higher learning. They are basically teaching us how to be better slaves.


  19. "look at this picture of Maya Angelous and James Baldwin."

    That has got to be one the frightfullest pix I have EVER seen. James Baldwin had to have been Reptilian. That ain't even human - he wasn't holding his shape very well that day!

  20. Maya was a caged bird. She wouldn't come out of the house after after she hit puberty. It took her some time to accept her body as it was. Her mother tried to tell her that she was born that way but it was too painful to utter.

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