Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lady Gaga

appeared on The Matt and Jo Radio Show in Australia and refused to admit what we already know....

If you want to listen to the actual interview click here. If not, here's the clean version:

Matt and Jo: "G'day Lady Gaga mate! Strewth! Are you a hermaphrodite?"
Lady Gaga: "I want to talk about my music. This subject is beneath me."

As another blogger puts it, "So there you go - not exactly a denial is it? If these kind of rumours were circulating about you, wouldn't you jump at the chance to set the record straight?

And would you really use the phrase "beneath me" when that's exactly the area everyone's interested in?

So that's basically a confirmation then, yes?


  1. Gaga doesnt make any sense to me if she didnt want people to talk about it then why show it off to the world then deny it then tell bossip web site that mess shes a damn hermie and she knows it I guess she didnt expect all this negative feed back,Anyway like you said we already knew it so most of us arent surprised

  2. she can't deny it because she just told everyone that she credits "gays" for her success. She said that the gays are the reason why she's so successful.

    If she deny that she's a hermaphrodite (which she is) then she's slapping those who were born as a hermaphrodite in the face.

    She will never admit it! That was a real penis and she has one. She admit it overseas but she won't admit it in the states.

    This runs in her family. She is not the only one that was born with a intersex condition.

    Lady Ga-Ga is a hermie!

  3. Okay enough about this Satanic witch/warlock LOL---Mod I didn't know Jamie Fox has a sister with DOWN SYNDROME!!!!!!
    I'm listening!
    Lady Dee

  4. Um...not wanting to talk about something more than a little batshit crazy isn't really a confirmation.

  5. again, some one in this post commented that Lady Ga Ga is not the first intersexed person in her family. Really? How do you know that? Who are the others and can you confirm it? Please stop making things sound IGNORANT. And to the person who posted that she says she has "the gays" to thank for her success...being gay does not equal intersex condition. Honestly, some of you people on here are STUPID!

  6. Not all people born intersex are "gay" but 80% of the straight people ARE dating a person that was born intersex.

    If you and your partner lacks a intersex condition, well, i guess you went along with the "fad".

  7. No one knew that Jamie Foxx had a sister.

    Jamie Foxx was "made"!

    Lady Dee, she was born as a hermaphrodite. She doesn't have down syndrome.

    Jamie's mother was raped by a family member.

  8. Jamie Foxx has siblings!

  9. ^^^^I know and Jamie Fox is not his real name!
    I'll be back-----I have a little research to do!

  10. Lady Dee, et al:
    All the information I have found shows that Jamie Foxx's mother was ADOPTED. Therefor, even if a family member raped her and produced a child, it was not a blood relative. So that defies your claim that Intersex condition runs in the family. the poster who said "not all intersex are gay"...that is not what I said, I said not all gay people are intersex. And please show me proof of your stats that say 80% of straight people are dating an intersex person. Really??? I doubt it. Is English not the first language of most the posters on this site? Because to say "if you or your partner is not intersex then you went along with the fad" makes NO SENSE. Get it?

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