Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Update: Lady Ga-Ga

Funny - A reporter in Germany was thrown out of a news conference after she asked Lady Ga-Ga if she was a hermaphrodite.

Yesterday, the local German TV personality Collien Fernandes asked lady ga-ga if she had a penis, Lady Ga-Ga responded, "My Vagina is offended by this question"...seconds later, Lady Ga-Ga motioned for security to escort Collien from the IFA electronics trade show.

Ms. Fernandes made the following statement, "I don't really understand the fuss. It's obvious someone would ask her this question after the picture was all over the news."

Lady Gaga was at the IFA electronics trade show to promote "Heartbeats"...a line of jewel-shaped earphones in collaboration with the hip-hop producer Dr Dre and Monster electronics.

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