Thursday, September 24, 2009

MacKenzie Phillips

The Actress Mackenzie Phillips has published a memoir.

Within this memoir, she admits to a long term incestuous affair with her father John Phillips, the late singer with 1960s band The Mamas & the Papas.

Her mother, Michelle Phillip has made the following statement:

"I have every reason to believe it's untrue..Mackenzie has a lot of mental illness. She's had a needle stuck up her arm for 35 years. She was arrested for heroin and coke just recently. She did 'Celebrity Rehab' and now she writes a book. The whole thing is timed."

Mackenzie has shared, waking up after a night of drug using only to discover that she was having sex with her father. She also admits to becoming pregnant and not knowing the father's identity, so - she states that her father paid to abort the hermaphrodite fetus.

Wait - Did she abort this child or did she give birth to "his" daughter?

Many family members are attempting to refute MacKenzie's story. Are they merely trying to shove the media aside, to prevent the discovery of children that were birthed through this incestuous relationship?

MacKenzie appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show yesterday, to share stories mixed with the truth and a bunch of lies.

You see, for years, Mackenzie and her sisters tried to tell people that their father fed them drugs and arranged for them to have sex with other "rock stars":

Hollywood is filled with "arranged" situations!

As i stated before, Oprah's only interest is in those who gave birth through an incestuous relationship and in those who managed to hide these children within Hollywood.

The children that MacKenzie had with her father were employed by Walt Disney and now they are living in the UK.

Here's a updated picture of Fiona Phillips with her "dad" and her "children".

Here's a quote by the so-called late John Phillips:


  1. I find it rather strange that younger pictures of Cara DeLizia bares an odd resemblence to John and MacKenzie. She didn't abort any of her children! The daughter she had with her daughter has entertained your children on the Disney Channel.

  2. take a look at pictures of "Cara DeLizia" as she grew up on television.


  3. She didn't abort her child. She gave birth to her father's daughter and hide her throughout Hollywood.

    Oprah's show would've been interesting if she told the real truth.

    They had a hermaphrodite child. These celebrities are celebrating incest.


  4. You have to understand that, behind every story featured on the Oprah Winfrey show that there is a hermaphrodite child hidden within Hollywood. Oprah's interest is deeply rooted in incest. She was raised under this belief.


  6. Cara = delizia

    Fiona Phillips and her Dad:

  7. Mackenzie Responds.

    "If you open a textbook on incest you can see a picture of the Phillips family, the instinct is to say it's not true. The instinct is to deny....I understand this is very difficult, and to be revealed on a public level such as this makes it ever more difficult, and my heart goes out to [my family]. I know that, God willing, as a family we will all be stronger when this dies down."

  8. You are all a bunch of conspiracy theorists. You claim she had a hermaphrodite baby...where is the proof? Even if the daughter she had was fathered by her own father, where is the proof this child is a hermaphrodite? Not every incestual baby has these traits. Please, if you want this to be a credible site, then please state FACTUAL information, not just your hypothetical hopes and potential situations. I am losing interest quickly.

  9. If you are losing interest then why do you keep coming back to this website?


  10. Has anyone mentioned Fiona Phillips?


    Fiona has children by her father. If you take a look at these children you can't tell if they are a male or female. The in-betweens.

    Fiona's father is OLD NOW!

  11. How old is fiona? She was on the disney channel roughly 10 years old. Now she's entertaining over in the UK. Have you seen pictures of her without makeup?

  12. @6:52 Most likely you probably don't even believe the incest story altogether. Do you also need proof or video-footage of the victim's sexual escapades with her parent? I certainly hope not!
    I am a medical professional and a teacher and I am still studying and learning FAR BEYOND textbook indoctrination. Hermaphrodites are NO WHERE NEAR AS RARE as many are led to believe. This disorder is not some special, unique mystery it is a BIRTH DEFECT! The main source of this aside from a rather large percentage of man made disasters that affect human DNA (Chernobyl Explosion, medical experiments,vaccines,pharmaceuticals,etc)is thru a world wide practice known as INCEST.
    And I'll say it again. Inbreeding causes a variety of problems--hermaphroditism just so happens to be of the problems the media speaks very little of for some reason. At least we know where monsters come from! In movies they are always kept in the basement or "hidden" mainly depicted as feral, savage, severely deformed and frightening creatures. Either that or they are depicted as doofy simpletons and lovable goofballs: Forrest Gump,Waterboy,(Adam Sandler is definately inbred),Beverly Hillbillies, etc. Or they are dangerously stupid and derranged pyschopaths: Cults,serial killers,rapists,religious fanatics,etc.
    But why are intersexed conditions kept hidden and never discussed??
    Read upon and study the Occult. NOT TO PRACTICE of course but in specific revalence to the mystery surrounding hermaphrodites, its symbols and high reverence to "elite" society dating back to the Rosicrucians, Alchemy and old Baphomet! Investigate and connect it to science,the media(The Gay Agenda,Hollywood,music,politics,symbolism)research ur favorite celebrities and entertainment. Look past the "image",wealth, skin color money and suck-sess(rhymes with fuck fess)and "tale'nt".
    Look past all the garbage they try to distract you with: Fashion-created literally off the backs of the pedophillic slave trade. Those Fendi shoes you fools pay 500$ for cost the designer 2 cence to make by a 10 yr old in Asia.In fact, The high society fags and dykes have LOTS of FUN and make LOTS of money off of poor unfortunate children overseas. They have very heavy stakes in The Homosexual Agenda. Then they create "charities" or "adopt" to not seem like the devil cocksuckers they really are.
    Movies/Entertainment.Steven Spielberg is a Satanist.He is a very quiet yet FIERCE advocate for homosexuals. Imagine that-- a "hetero" married man! His cover is Judaism. He is a "knight" in Queen Elizardbeth's court! Research Roman Polanski and Kenneth Anger. Spielberg has had his hooks in Michael Jackson for most of his life. Michael even performed a ritual to get him out of his life along with Tommy Mottola and others.
    Music-Bad Boy Entertainment. I name this one first cause it hits closer to home. Diddy is like a hyper child that can't sit his ass down.With that lazy eye and goofy face--I wonder who his father is? He parttakes in EVERYTHING so the Occult is no big shock. He has a high interest in homosexuals. Death and unfortunate events surround people around him--NEVER him! It's toooo numerous to go into. He keeps lots of young men under his control, they all seem drained and frightened of him. The more aggressive ones get "offed" in some way. These are his sacrifices to keep his annoying presence rich and relevant. Any "good" thing he does is simply for fame and publicity.He has a large following and he will move into politics VERY soon. These people are sooo predictable. Yet they all have common interests in homosexuality and causing gender id and sexual confusion in the youth ushering in PANSEXUALISM (multiple sexes!)by supporting and subliminally enforcing it! Conspiracy theory my ASS!

  13. @ 6:52
    What kills me about ppl like you is, when your believe system has been attacked, you quickly go into denial. However you never question all the bullshit that you've been lead to believe all these years.

    Do you ever question the bible and if the answer is no, then I may ask WHY NOT. It two is based on a peticular believe. God did not come down here and tell yo ass that this white man died for your sins, but you still believe it none the less. I will advise you to wake the fuck up. The whole you see around you has another one under it and it is not pretty.

    Sheeple like you make it so easy for the World conspirators to bring in this New World Order, because you refuse to question them. You've became comfortable with someone telling you how to think, how to sleep, what clothes to wear, what to eat, how you should raise your children....etc, etc, etc. You've been giving 360 degress of knowledge from the TRUE Creators of the universe.

  14. typos "the world you see".

  15. I would like to reiterate on what I said about 360 degress of knowledge. You see, the numbers 360 give you a perfect circle. You (if your a black person) have 180 degrees of positive energy and 180 degrees of negative energy. This brings your conscousness Full circle, this is what is meant in Your Holy By Bill( because the bible was written in English by Yours truly William Shakespear), when it says that the creator gave you FREE WILL (Wheel, goes around and around). We must be able to bring these two energy forces together and make them both positive. It is only when we are able to do this, that we can enter BACK into the bossom of the heavenly host. I really hope I haven't lost you.

  16. It is time for SHEEPLE to WAKE THE FUCK UP. It is a very sad state of affairs when we allow ourselves to be duped into this DEMONIC ASS society and we let ourselves believe that this is what we want. These celebrites, politicians, corporate bankers, Illuminati bastards, Fake as Freemasons are all on the same team. And that team is all for the destruction of ALL MAN AND MANKIND. Have you noticed that I say man and mankind, this is because the Original man is the BLACK MAN, the mankind is the Beast ppl, which are calling themselves white.

    Oh and by the way you do know that their are other beings that live in the boundless universe. NO WE ARE NOT alone!!!! I know these other galatical beings are looking at earthlings like we are nothing more than a bunch of cattle, being lead to the slaughter by the elite few puppet masters. Some of them are trying to help us, however their are others that are controlling the controllers. These are the beings called the Reptilians. Yall do know that the Bushes, Clintons, Rockerfellers, The Royal family, The Rothschilds, Condi Rice, and all the rest of them are really Hybrids of these evil race of beings. Ask yourself this question, where are all this missing children going??? These children are being used in blood sacrifices, sex rituals, sex slaves and a host of other ungodly things.



  17. @ 9:13
    You are a judgemental hypocrite. I have absolutely no idea what you are blathering on about regarding the bible. I have never read it, I am an Atheist. So, none of my doubts about you morons and your stupid conspiracies are based on religion. I merely think there is no fact to anything you are spreading as truth. I am a very scientific person...I want facts to back up your claims (like I said, i am not religious and this is one can PROVE it to me, all the things the bible says happened, etc.) I LIKE FACTS. NOT THEORIES. SO, like I said, give me some PROOF and I will believe more of this. I am intrigued by the intersex condition, and I had "Googled" something and that is what lead me to this website. I had hoped to learn more but all i see is a bunch of loons scared that hermaphrodites are going to take over the world! And I have no idea what you are talking about regarding beast people, and the Bush family and Condi Rice. Do you think they are all intersexed too???

  18. @12:02
    Of course you have no idea what I am talking about. That is because you are intellectually beneath me. This is what is referred to as supreme mathematics. You being an atheist and a asshole is why you will NEVER OVER-STAND what is really going on behind all the smoke screens and mirrors.

    This info that I am trying to enlighten your dumb fucking ass about is the reason that these demonic celebrities, politicians and so forth are producing these genetically screwed up individuals. THERE IS ALWAYS A METHOD TO THE MADNESS. WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!

    You must read this blog from the very beginning. It is only by doing this, you will become familiar with what the rest of the posters are saying. If you refuse to do that, take yo ass to another bullshit blog site and talk gibberish.

    Hermaphrodites have the emotional body necessary for openning the gateway for these demonic spirits to enter the earth's atmosphere. The question you should be asking is why are these ppl obssessed with giving birth to the dual gendered individuals. IT IS ALL A PART OF THE SPIRTUAL WAR THAT WE ARE IN and whether you are an atheist of not, YOU WILL BE CAUGHT UP IN THIS BATTLE AGAINST GOOD AND EVIL. You had better pick which side you want to be on now, Mr. Scientific person. None of that bullshit will save yo ass in the last days, that are upon us as we speak.

    THE REAL SCIENCE IS ALCHEMY, SUPREME MATHEMATICS AND METAPHYSICS, stuff that they will NEVER teach you in their so called schools of higher learning. This is because they are all working together for the total annilation of Man.

    WAKE UP!!!!


  19. @12:02

    Oh and by the way, wacked ass theories is all you so called scientist have. If you have some real knowledge you would know what we are talking about. You have been endoctrinated by this system. GTFOH!!!!!

  20. @12:02 Please keep in mind that this is a free site with people that have different point of views. I'm sure you have grasped what you wanted to grasp---I personally never mentioned the bible to you--simply because you want proof you don't believe in an explanation for ur presence or bloodline. Nor do I single out any specific race,(No offense but I can only speak for my own actions)if you read my previous posts I point out EVERYONE. You have apparently dissected these comments and then came up with ur own conclusion without challenging other "theories". Did you research hermaphrodites beyond this website? Did you even "google" the names I mentioned or even homosexual culture in relation to the occult and the androgyny connection? I never once mentioned any fear of hermaphrodites nor skin color nor anything to that nature. I am simply connecting the dots. I never stated my my "theories" as fact. I simply left clues. Investigate: Incest..Frequent horror and reality world wide yet we have a very limited view on the "products" other than "retarded monstrousity" or "comical simpleton mongloid". Our "gays and lesies" LOVE to talk and joke about their dysfunctional yet "hetero" parents and family members and how "ridiculous" they are but never about the connection between their relatives and the true nature of their condition. They only know that they were "born this way". Hermaphroditism is very complicated-- But our world leaders and fav celebs have a keen familiarity and interest in it. Look beyond ur own interests and what u want to know and seek. You don't believe in God-Ur an Atheist? Do you believe in good and evil? The Devil? You have to believe in something...... Or else why are u here or anywhere else on this physical plane? Or are u a useless eater/unknowledgeable presence? Like I said I am still learning and I can only present clues at this point. Ur the skeptic---if anything YOU SHOULD BE TELLING WHY YOU ARE THE SKEPTIC and not the other way around. AGAIN... I personally left clues! Your turn!!!!!!!! You are talking to ME now! ANYONE ELSE out there? Let's TALK!

  21. Little by lttle u will probaby start to see info about intersexuals(hermaphrodites) become scarce on the internet as they become more and more prominent in the public eye (Caster,"Lady Gaga,etc). Question that if u seek proof! Don't question the truth seekers! Question the so-called truth speakers: The media (Ur news and newspapers, ur government, ur doctors, ur scientists, ur lawyers, ur celebrities, ur politicians and ur man-made gods whether u believe or not. The effeminate, half-dead, hippy image of Jesus Christ, Buddha, Muhammed, Ra, Osirus! What's the purpose of it all and it's constant presence in our minds! Don't question questions! LOOK WHAT'S RIGHT BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES! When you do that then we can have a decent and intellectual exchange of minds/hearts and we can be HONEST and TRUTHFUL about our intentions here on earth whether you believe in "a" God or not.

  22. "I am intrigued by the intersex condition, and I had "Googled" something and that is what lead me to this website. I had hoped to learn more but all i see is a bunch of loons scared that hermaphrodites are going to take over the world!"

    There's more that this website offers. It has exposed me to lot. I knew nothing about hermaphrodite until i came across this website. In school, i was taught that hermaphrodites were mythical and that they didn't exist.

    I was encouraged by this website to read through a medical journal and i did. I read through all cases from children who were born through incest.

    I was able to connect the dots and truly understand the reasons why the need to hide hermaphrodites exist.

    They are many celebrities who are flaunting their incestuous relationships in front of the cameras.

    Hollywood has used many words as a substitute for the word hermaphrodite. Do you goggled search for "epicene". This is the second word that was used to described a hermaphrodite. They are video clips on youtube of the eipcene beings. They are neither male nor female.

  23. Hermaphrodites become extremely offended when they are called just that.

    Do you understand how many hermaphrodites have become the "voice" for those born as a intersex?

    If you go to the website for the intersex, all of the counselors, leaders WERE BORN "THAT WAY".

    It was strange for OPRAH to tell HILDA that the term "hermaphrodite" was polotically incorrect when she chose this word in discussion of how she grew up as a intersex child.

    Hilda is releasing a memior in which she discussed HER LIFE GROWING UP AS A HERMAPHRODITE.

  24. Maya Angelou was born as a hermaphrodite.

    When people come in here trying to against what's posted, they are merely trying to refute the truth.

    They are trying to lead you away from knowing the real truth.

    Especially those who were born as a hermaphrodite and grew up not knowing what is taking place with their own body because their doctor and parents told them a fib.

    The doctor was forced to because the mother promised to have a talk with their child.

    When the child reached the adult age, he or she was able to handle the truth for their own doctor but it was difficult to believe because their mother wasn't honest.

  25. The person who put together this website isn't posting theories.

    The information on each post has come from a valid source.

    Therefore, the information IS factual.

  26. @ LadyDee

    There are 52 conditions that a child birthed through incest suffers from.

    This information was discovered after reading through

  27. Did Charles Darwin study incest? Did he sail away in search on children born through incest? I believe so:

    Charles Darwin wrote a legendary book titled On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection. The three important ideas discussed in this book are the fact that evolution does actually occur, the theory that natural selection is the driving force behind evolution, and phylogeny,
    the concept that all forms of life are related to one another genealogically, through family roots.

  28. Main Entry: phy·log·e·ny
    Pronunciation: \fī-ˈlä-jə-nē\
    Function: noun
    Inflected Form(s): plural phy·log·e·nies
    Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary
    Date: circa 1872
    1 : the evolutionary history of a kind of organism
    2 : the evolution of a genetically related group of organisms as distinguished from the development of the individual organism
    3 : the history or course of the development of something (as a word or custom)

  29. Take the case of inbreeding: It was widely practiced in Europe and Egypt,to name a few,to keep the lineage of an important family "clean" and to keep wealth and power in one family only. After awhile you either become sterile, deformed, weak, mentally off or many other things. Example: King Tutankhamun--Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec--etc. A lot of families unknowingly killed themselves out that way. Animals instintively know this and will not mate with a family member. When males reach reproductive age they are sent out of the "family" for reasons that are obvious to them.
    As for Oprah; maybe she has no children because she is sterile for that reason. HA! Chew on that awhile.

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