Friday, September 11, 2009

Update: Caster Semenya

I am sending out a round of applauds to the sports writer "Mike Hurst". Mike Hurst has been credited for penning the controversial article, that reveals the truth surrounding Caster's genetic disorder.

Mr. Hurst has stated that he's confident that final results will show that Caster has both male and female organs.

He also maintains that the test conducted by The International Association of Athletics Federations will show that Semenya has internal testes and no womb or ovaries.

Mr. Hurst decided not to disclose his source because they are directly involved in the testing process.

According to Mike:
The tests that have been conducted, I have been privy to and I’ve written about them....When something gets thrown in your lap like that, you just can’t ignore it and I feel terribly sorry for Caster Semenya.

He also went on to say that the IAAF would not comment on his claims, so he felt vindicated.

They haven’t denied my story and I think that’s crucial.”

Caster Semenya was born as a hermaphrodite. This is a hereditary trait and there are more hermaphrodites within his or her family.


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  2. A penis is a penis. Unfortunately, Caster has a penis and a vagina and one doesn't work. The one that's not working will be removed through a surgical process.

    How can you classify someone as 100% female when they have a penis, no ovaries and no womb?

    The bitter intersexuals are very upset because they were lied to by their parents as well.

  3. My question is how come she did not know she is not 100% woman...i mean does she have monthly menstural cycle?

  4. it has not been reported that she has a penis. Just that she does not have a uterus or ovaries, and does have INTERNAL testes (she would not know this, as you can not see inside yourself!) And about 70% of all female athletes who train and compete at her level do not menstruate (due to low bodyfat, etc.) And if these results are true, then her family would not have known at birth that she was not 100% female.

  5. What is 100% female, though? Being intrasexed can mean having a small penis, or large clitoris, and nothing much more than that.

  6. The doctors are calling for "immediate" surgery.

    They will remove the inactive sex organ (a sex change).

    The doctors will not perform a sex change operation in a person unless their sex wasn't assigned at birth.

    Caster's gender wasn't assigned at birth. She's neither male or female. She's a hermaphrodite.

    Hermaphrodites are now being called intersex.

  7. Her family knew at birth that she wasn't born 100% female.

    Maybe her parents don't understand this because many of their family members were born this way.

    So they were raised in understanding that if a doctor says that this is a female then it is.

    I wonder if Caster's parents are educated. I mean it would help us to understand their level of comprehension.



    In the past, intersex people were called hermaphrodites. ``We don't use that anymore,'' Berkovitz said, noting that the phrase doesn't fully describe the condition.

    People who are intersex often have physical characteristics of the opposite sex. A girl might be born with testes or a greatly enlarged clitoris that resembles a penis; a boy could have hidden female characteristics such as a misplaced urethra or, less commonly, a uterus, said Berkovitz.

    There are many complicated reasons why a child might be intersex: too many hormones or two few; perhaps a genetic imbalance of chromosomes that help determine a baby's gender.

  9. Caster knew that she was different from other females.

    As a athelete, you have to pass a test every year. South Africa wanted to "win" at all cost.

    If i was the other participants who ran against Caster, i would sue because her managers knew that she wasn't 100% female.

    They knew and they kept this as a secret.

    They need a special olmpics for those who claim that they were born in the wrong body. For those who are seeking a sex change. And for those who were born as a hermaphrodite!


    Prior to discovering I had androgen insensitivity syndrome at the age of 10, I was a happy, outgoing, confident child, with a lust for life. I enjoyed speaking to people, I was daunted by no one. Nor did I have any particular inkling that I was in any way different to my peers, apart from the fact that I was slightly taller than average.

    When I was 10, my parents sat me down and told me .some aspects of. the truth. I had a condition called "androgen insensitivity syndrome", which had been detected at the age of three when I went into hospital with a suspected hernia. I had no womb or ovaries, a vagina of dubious depth, I would never have children, or a period.

    I can still recall to this day the effect this announcement had on me, especially physically. I felt winded, as if I had been punched in the stomach really hard. A sick, nauseous feeling then swept over me, accompanied by burning tears of intense, frantic all-consuming anguish. These tears were joined by those of my mother, who also seemed to be taking the impact badly. My father seemed far more positive about the future and suggested that I get in touch with the Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome Support Group (AISSG-UK) so that I could contact people with my condition. At the time, I was too distressed and full of pity and hatred to even consider this.

    My memory of the rest of that day is hazy, except that I lay in bed at night, crying and wondering "why me?", full of sickness at the injustice of it. And thus, the transformation was complete. Almost overnight I became deeply introverted and outrageously bitter towards everybody and everything. My tallness, which had never bothered me, became a source of constant irritation. I hated everything about my appearance, from my height, to my round face, to my big feet, to the puppy fat of my early adolescence.

    My parents had not, in fact, given me the whole story, but rather held certain details back for a later date. I don't necessarily blame them for this, since I believe they did what they thought best. Nevertheless, further revelations at various intervals did nothing but upset me and further increase my self-loathing. There was the announcement that I would be on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for life; the announcement that it was not certain whether my vaginal opening would be satisfactory for intercourse; then finally, and worst of all, at the age of around 14, I was told that my hospital visit at the age of three, with a suspected hernia, had revealed that I had, in place of ovaries, two internal, undeveloped testes, which surgeons subsequently removed. Various childhood hospital visits have given me a lifelong, morbid fear of anaesthetic.

    Even at the age of 23, I am still completely in the dark about all matters regarding the possibility of me having a sex life. I was handed some dilators by one consultant and told I needed to use them in order to have a satisfactory vaginal opening, yet another consultant told me there was already a satisfactory vaginal opening. And I was supposed to have had a vaginoplasty when I was a child, which apparently hasn't even been of any use. To make matters worse, I have reason to suspect that the external appearance of my genitalia is unusual, that is to say different to the average. But, lo and behold, I have been unable to get a straight answer out of any of the medical professionals about this and have even been told by a surgeon that it was not possible for me to have a clitoral recession [reduction of the clitoris] and that there would be "scarring".

  11. I am still not understanding all the posts here by people saying her family knew she was born intersexed. All the records show as of now is that she has INTERNAL can't tell that at birth. Someone please explain to me why you think her parents knew? And the statement that she is not the first in her family to be intersexed??? Says WHO?? How do you know that? Please do not make speculations. That truly makes you sound ignorant.

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