Monday, September 14, 2009

Update: Lady Ga Ga

During last night performance at the MTV Music Video Awards, the british comedian Russell Brand decided to comment on the "hermaphrodite" status of Lady Ga Ga.

Here's the jist of his comment:

"There's been a lot of mudslinging and rumor mongering and rubbish, people saying that she's a hermaphrodite..I think it's a disgrace that a woman cannot be successful, sexy and have an aggressive sexuality without people saying, 'Oh, she must be a bloke.' That is sexist. And I would like to condemn the male-dominated media for their disgusting treatment of this incredible woman. And if you haven't worked it out by now, yeah, I'm trying to f--- her."

He went on the say more, detailing how he would lay his hat on the extra sex organ. For some odd reason, the cameras didn't show the expression on Lady Ga-Ga's face.

Say it ain't so - Did Lady Ga Ga send out a subliminal message during her VMA performance?

Is it possible that Ms. Ga Ga flew over to Bangkok for a quick nip and tuck?

Will this explain the reason her legs are widw open and the fact she 's drenched in blood?

Or was "it" professionally tucked during last night's performance?


  1. Am suprised many people did not comment on how much Beyonce was popping the coochie that night. My jaw just dropped... she was basically having sex on stage.
    Most of the VMA performances were a mess! Even this bloody gaga performance

  2. MTV has a history of encouraging sex filled performances.

    They also hyped up Performance Beyonce revealing that she would perform a new song.

    However, she did nothing but bore us with another leotard "Gwen Verdon" dance to single ladies.

    When Beyonce feels like she lost her fanbase, she steps forward, shakes her ass and open her legs wide to keep the men within her fanbase interested.

    She waited until after Jennifer Lopez appeared on the red carpet to show her face and slut-inspired dress.

    Beyonce wore a short dress and Taylor wore a long one that covered her knees.

    Taylor's song was about? Beyonce? lol

    Maybe Rihanna (or some girl from around Jay-Z's hood) is the girl that wear's t-shirts while Beyonce always wear heels, leotards, and freak'um dresses.

  3. The only thing that Beyonce know how to do is pop her coochie.

    I am sure Luke "let me see you pop that thang" is very proud of Beyonce.