Thursday, October 8, 2009


Two ladyboys were arrested following the death of a "Indian" tourist in Pattaya:

During the morning of the 29th September, Pattaya Police were notified that a guest at the Pattaya City hotel had been found dead in his room. Police and medics went to the hotel on Central Road, where they came across doctors from the Memorial Hospital, trying to save the life of Indian tourist, Mr. Amit Anand, aged 25 from Delhi, who collapsed together with his friend and roommate, 41 year old Mr. Kumar Pawan who had already been sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. Staff at the hotel stated that the men checked in last week, and they often brought ladyboys back to the room to spend the night. That evening they were seen with two ladyboys who only stayed with them for about an hour. Shortly after them leaving, the receptionist received a call from Mr. Kumar requesting medical help as both he and his friend Amit were both feeling unwell. When a doctor from the hospital arrived, Mr. Kumar was immediately sent to the emergency ward, but it was too late for Amit, as he had already stopped breathing. The doctor attempted to pump his heart but sadly the man could not be revived. The body was taken away for an autopsy to find the cause of death. A report was made and the Indian Embassy has been notified and an investigation is now underway to trace the ladyboys involved in the incident.

After an intense search operation involving the death of a young Indian tourist, Pattaya Tourist Police held a press conference on the afternoon of the 2nd October to announce the arrest of two ladyboy suspects connected with the death of the Indian last week on the 29th September. It all began when two Indian tourists from Delhi, Mr. Amit Anand and his friend Mr. Kumar Pawan both became victims after being given a dangerous Mickey Finn cocktail of Zanex, which combined with Viagra caused the death of one of the men. The attack was conspired by two ladyboys they had invited to their room at a central hotel in Pattaya. Mr. Kumar survived and is recovering in hospital. Unfortunately, due to the hazardous cocktail mix, 25 year old Mr. Anand died in the room as doctors were unable to revive him from his drugged state. Both Pongsakorn Singkaew, aged 24, and 28 year old Prangchompoo Jarungpan were presented to the press, accused of drugging the two Indians and stealing their valuable belongings. Both confessed that they drugged the men with a number of Zanex sleeping pills that they put into the men’s whisky and beer. When the men fell unconscious, they stole 3,000 baht, 14,000 Indian Rupees and two mobile phones. They then fled the scene and left Pattaya; Singkaew went to Ban Chang where he was arrested and Jarangpan was caught boarding a bus in a Bangkok bus terminal heading to Southern Thailand. They were both brought back to Pattaya where they stated that they were street prostitutes and regularly drugged gullible tourists in order to steal their money to buy cosmetics and clothes. They regretted the death of the Indian, as they did not intend to harm their victims. Sadly, a young man is now dead because of their irresponsible reckless action, and they now face their day of reckoning in court to be prosecuted with among other criminal offences, that of murder.

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  1. Wow.

    It seems as if many tourist travel to Pattaya or Bangkok to get busy with ladyboys. They always end up robbed or left dead. The sad part about this is, most of these stories are never told because the tourist was suppose to be there on business not pleasure.

    I think this drink is quite popular in Hollywood, "Mickey Finn cocktail of Zanex, which combined with Viagra".

    "They drugged the men with a number of Zanex sleeping pills that they put into the men’s whisky and beer."

    How many tourist fell into this same trap? a laced "beer"?

  2. A solution of chloral hydrate and alcohol probably constituted the infamous “knockout drops,” or Mickey Finn Special, a drink reputedly invented in 1896 on Chicago’s State Street (known then as Whiskey Row) by its namesake, a saloon owner and former pickpocket. The phrase “slip him a Mickey,” said to be derived from Finn’s disreputable practice of having his “house girls” stupefy patrons with the cocktail and then go through their pockets, slipped quickly into common parlance.

    Other sources identify the alien components of the sinister cocktail as Glauber’s salt, a sulfate (sodium sulfate decahydrate) used in the making of glass and paper, in solar energy systems, and as an equine laxative, or croton oil, a purgative. In these cases, the Mickey, rather than knocking the saloon patron out cold, would simply drive him to the water closet, straight home, or possibly even to the hospital.

    Page 169
    Title The New Annotated Dracula
    Authors Bram Stoker, Neil Gaiman

  3. Mickey Finn – An alcoholic drink which has been drugged, usually with the intention of robbing the unconscious victim. The term is ascribed to a notorious nineteenth-century Chicago innkeeper of the same name who would spike the drinks of his patrons. Chlorine was particularly effective, inducing an anaesthetic state when mixed with water.

    Page 118
    Never Drink a Molotov Cocktail
    By Andrew Sholl

  4. Molotov cocktail

    Simple petrol bomb consisting of a bottle filled with flammable liquid and a long fuse. When thrown against its target, the bottle bursts and the flames spread. It was invented by the Finns who were protesting against Russian manoeuvres in 1940 and named after Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Skriabin, alias Molotov (1890-1986), the Russian foreign minister at the time. Molotov was a staunch supporter of Stalin who negotiated the non-aggression pact between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany in 1939 and later took part in the Allies’ preparations for peace at Yalta. Molotov was expelled from the Communist Part for his role in trying to depose Khrushchev and reinstated only at the age of 94. Molotov cocktails are still commonly used in violent street protests around the world.

    Page 120
    Never Drink a Molotov Cocktail
    By Andrew Sholl

  5. A Mickey Finn

    A Mickey Finn is the addition of chloral hydrate (“knock-out drops”) to an alcoholic beverage, It is named for Mickey Finn, the owner of the Lone Star Saloon and Palm Garden in Chicago in the 1890s. He is purported to have put these knock-out drops in unsuspecting patrons” drinks. After drinking this cocktail, they would be rendered stuporous or unconscious, and he would rob them. His liquor license was eventually revoked.

    Chloral hydrate is metabolized to trichloroethanol, which is responsible for continued hypnotic effects. Trichloroethanol has a half of 4-14 hours. When ethanol and trichloroethanol are both present, their respective actions are potentiated.

    Page 149
    Toxicology secrets
    By Louis Ling, Richard F. Clark, Timothy Erickson

  6. It is also considered a "Date Rape Drug".

  7. *****It seems as if the ruler of these ladyboys in pattaya are mimicking the life style of the FINN's, in order to run his business of street whoring effectively.*****

  8. @ 8:22 AM

    More like the pimp of the ladyboys relocated to Pattaya to run their business of whoring and pick pocketing.

  9. Hell of a lifestyle isn't it? Damn bitter intersexuals!!!!!

  10. @ 12:35 PM

    Extremely bitter! I guess when you're stuck between genders you'll do just about anything to fit in.

    Bitter ass intersexuals.

    Those damn hermaphrodites are at it AGAIN!

  11. What's going on Mod? Everything cool?????

  12. Why in the heck do these dumb ass ppl continue to go over to Thailand and mess with these sick mixed up individuals. With their flat ass and faces.

  13. @ 3:21 AM

    I don't understand either.

    Everyone knows that this area in thailand is a red light district for sex addicts.

    They keep going and weird things keep happening to them.

    They are many more who gets robbed but they don't report it because they don't their family to know that they have a thing for ladyboys.

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