Monday, November 23, 2009

Lady GaGa and Adam Lambert:

These two hermaphrodites performed last night at the annual American Music Awards celebration.

Honestly speaking, I stop counting the number of hermaphrodites who served as back-up dancers and or performers within the entourage of these two entertainers.

Here's the hermaphrodite Adam performance:

Here's Ladyboy Ga Ga performance:

As i read through all re-cap articles, many use the term "androgynous" to describe both performers, their backup dancers and attire. One actualy spoke on Ladyboy ga-ga's androgynous codpieces!


  1. Clearly you can see the tape that's holding down ladyboy ga-ga's penis on the top picture (top right).

  2. As far as we know, Adam Lambert is not a Hermaphrodite. He has openly outed himself as a gay man, but there is no reason to believe he is a Hermaphrodite.

  3. He's a hermaphrodite.

    He transformed into a male and has decided to remain androgynous.

    He entered the competition American Idol as a male. As soon as he captured enough attention and fans, he went wild and this is only the beginning. He has bandmates who are hermaphrodites. How else can he describe his appearance? He only drops the word androgynous and relates it to the David Bowie era.

  4. He was forced to come out as gay. He's a damn hermaphrodite. He was born this way. Another one.

  5. lady gaga ass was lookin nice as usual

  6. her penis was taped down as usual. i saw a picture of her or his saggy titties on another blog site. Ask ladyboy gaga how many kids did she produce for science

  7. Ladyboy CaCa's ass

  8. Lady CaCa is really trying hard to stay at the top of her tuck game! Homegirl is getting inventive and shit. At last night's AMAs, she tried out a new dick tucking prototype that looked like shorty chaps made out of Ace bandages. It still needs a few tweaks, but at least a tip or a nut didn't pop out. She's well on her way to becoming the greatest tucker who ever tucked.

  9. i see the mod is in love wit gaga. btw i miss ur posts on DCR, they were really funny

  10. Ugh. Seriously? He may have been forced to admit to being gay, however, plenty of rock stars do the androgenous look and are STRAIGHT (any band circa 1980...from Duran Duran to Motley Crue...) putting on make-up doesn't make a person gay nor does it PROVE hermaphroditism. You all call the doubters on this blog "Bitter Ass Intersexuals"...well, I think perhaps you regular posters here are the bitter ass people seem to be the only ones concerned about other people's sexual preferences and conditions that they themselves were born with and are not at fault. Do you have a hate site against people with Downs Syndrome, too? You know,because they were born that way too. UGH.

  11. To be honest with you, a person born with Down Syndrome was birthed through incest.

    Jamie Foxx sister was born through incest.

    Boy George grew up around many androgynous rock and pop stars. He spoke on this recently and told it all through a memoir. He also stated that these androgynous rock and pop stars were also called gender benders before they took on the name of transgendered. Take a look at the before and after pictures. It takes 10 years for them to transform into the gender of their liking. Gwen Stefani was born as a hermaphrodite and her husband grew up extremely androgynous until he decided to become MANLY (looking). He actually had a boyfriend FOR years and he too was very androgynous.

    Prince was born as a hermaphrodite. He actually walked around with hermaphrodite gender sign on his face FOR YEARS!

    David Bowie and Grace Jones were born as a hermaphrodite.

    Conduct your ROCK history. There's a ROCK pioneer of the ROCK music era that actually admitted on her (or his) blog that they were born as a hermaphrodite. The moderator of this site posted this many months back.

    Go to youtbe and type in “Gender Benders: Where are they now”.

    Boy George is interviewed.

  12. More entertainers are walking around in lingerie and leotards. Now they are becoming sexually aggressive on stage. Where will this lead the arena of entertainment?

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  14. @ 12:08 PM

    We know you like them big and it's only fair that you repear the lyrics from a song about butts.


  15. Damn-- you guys see the schlong on "Lady"GaGa in that first pic? Definately something's up---no pun intended hee-hee.


    Lady GaGa actually admitting that SHE HAS A PENIS!



  17. i encourage you all to read this website from the very beginning.

    ladyboy gaga already admitted that she has a penis and beyonce couldn't wait to work with her or him.

  18. When Lady Ga-Ga transitioned into a fe-male, she stop taking her drugs. you know those daily estrogen pills. LOL

    Washington, November 26 (ANI): Lady Gaga had given up drugs and didn’t have time for men by the time she was 20, it has emerged.

    The ‘Poker Face’ singer’s friend DJ Lady Starlight has revealed that she first met the pop star on her 20th birthday.

    She insists that Gaga was too much into music to focus on anything else.

    “It was obvious even then that Gaga was going to be famous. She was incredibly focused on exactly what she wanted to do,” Contactmusic quoted her as telling Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper.

    She added: “I know she’s talked about doing lots of drugs but by the time we met she had stopped all that. She didn’t even have time for boyfriends.”

    Starlight further mentioned that Gaga and she used to design outrageous clothes for their shows together.

    She said: “We were very creative but the outfits were often stuck together with glue. Sometimes they fell apart when we were on stage.” (ANI)

    Source: Lady Gaga ‘quit drugs, dating at 20′ daily mirror, lady gaga, lady starlight, poker face

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