Friday, November 27, 2009


Could this be the world's tallest hermaphrodite? He or she look like a cloned Heidi Klum.

In your opinion, is this tall person a man, woman or a hermaphrodite?


  1. The boobs are fake on the tall hermaphrodite looking person.

  2. That's WILD----she DOES resemble Seal's wife Heidi Klum!

  3. Today is the first time that I was able to pull this vid up....dayumm that is a monster. Come on now, why are they trying to sell her as being beautiful. that bitch look diabolical.

    Has anyone ever met a celebrity. They look just like freaking monsters in person. I've always after meeting one, felt that there was something totally amist about them. The pieces are finally falling together. I wish the public will wake up before it is too late. The hour glass is almost empty.