Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gender Issues:

Just stumbled upon this article titled 'My BF doesn't know I'm not a woman'. It was written by a lawyer for one of his clients (a hermaphrodite). The lawyer guides his client out of his current situation by revealing clever ways to deceive his client's lover.

Here's the article:

Paula looked great in tight designer jeans topped with a soft blue cashmere turtle neck sweater. Except for flesh colored lipstick, which complemented her fair smooth skin, she had no other makeup.

No need. She had a naturally pretty mestiza face framed by long soft brownish hair. Nice body too—a slim, 5’6” frame, long legs. She was 26 but looked 19.

“Attorney, I’m absolutely crazy about this guy. He wants to marry me, but I can’t marry him.”

I sensed desperation in her voice. Was she married and needed a divorce?

“No, attorney. I don’t need a divorce.”

“What then?”

My boyfriend doesn’t know that I am not a woman.”

“You surely look like one beautiful woman.” I remarked. She did. She could easily pass for a model.

“Attorney, I really need your help…I met this fabulous-looking Irish-Italian guy four months ago in a writing seminar. We started dating after. He’s really nice. A month later, he asked me to move in with him. I did.”

“You are living with a guy and he still does not know that you’re not a woman?”

Well, James and I haven’t had actual sex but he enjoys some of the things I do to him. Alam mo na. You know. He’s also a Catholic and we go to church together. I told him that being a Catholic, I can’t have sex until I’m married. He understands. But last week, after he introduced me to his parents, he proposed marriage.”

“Paula,” I warned, “you are playing a very dangerous game. I know of a case like yours where this man shot his fiancĂ©e repeatedly after discovering she was a he. In the heat of sexual passion, he lost control and tore off his fiancee’s clothes, saw what he saw and went bananas. He got off lightly. The jury found involuntary manslaughter due to temporary insanity.”

“Oh my God!” shrieked Paula. “That’s scary. But I would rather die than lose him. We are madly in love.”

“That may be but eventually, he’ll discover your secret.”

Paula, have you ever heard of transgender or sex change operation?”

Story Continues...

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