Friday, February 5, 2010

The Hermaphrodite: Lauren Williams

Lauren Williams story is making rounds on the internet and television screens. The fe-male recently appeared on the Tyra Banks show to reveal that she was born with two vaginas. She goes on to share that for years, her pap smears were given by nurses - not a gynecologist. This statement alone made me question the truth behind her medical condition because nurses aren't allowed to perform annual pap smears examinations. In her mid-twenties, Lauren admits that she, never examined herself down there before; despite having a menstrual cycle that last up to 21 days. This is foolishness! She's a woman who shaves and changes sanitary napkins monthly - but yet - she admits that she 'never' examined herself down there...

Click here read up on Lauren's story.


  1. i get menstrual cycles and also shave yet ive never examined myself down there either. this mod is obviously a male fag who is allergic to pussy

  2. You change a tampon or a maxi pad but you never took a look at your own vagina?

    Most women use a mirror to make sure all of the hair is completely shaved off.

    How can a woman in her mid twenties say that she never took a look at her own vagina?

    How can a woman in her mid twenties say that a nurse gave her a GYN exam?

  3. You don't know what your own vagina look like?

    You know what a man's penis look like but you don't know what your own vagina look like?

  4. TO the fag up above me who felt the need to post 2 comments(lol)
    i know what my vag looks like, illiterate buffoon; i wrote that i dont EXAMINE myself. my hubby and gyn does enough of that, thanks:)

    Most women use a mirror? are you in every bathroom every single time a woman shaves her vag? How can you verify this?

  5. Why would you make your opinon, based on what somebody else say. Wouldn't you want to see for yoursel, Just saying.


  6. anon (yes its the same me)February 10, 2010 at 3:40 PM

    ^ Because that person has a DOCTORATE DEGREE in it dumb ass!

  7. You retarded ass bitch, I don't give a fuck what THAT PERSON suppose to have. That's your pussy, you should take the initiative to find out things for yourself. That is why the government and these fake demonic celebrities continuously pull the wool over the public eyes. Because of people with the same mentality that your ass have. Stop looking for other people to tell you shit. Do your own research. If it's anyone thats dumb up in this piece, it is definately you.


  8. ^DUMBASS. LOL. i guess the next time you need surgery or a endoscopy, you will be doing it yourself, instead of going to a qualified educated doctor. Undercover fag? Is that why youre getting angry, lol. you freqquent a site that speaks of heshes. you mad that youre one lol.Next time you need a rectal examination from being a booty fag boy pillow biter, im sure youll do it!!!!!!1

  9. Please remain mindful that these people are in-betweens. One day they feel like a woman and one day the feel like a man.

    These feelings are control by the intake of estrogens pills.

    If you look like a man - then you will feel (get it) more like a man.

    But inside (literally) you are still a girl - who has a penis and that doesn't work.

    So you share your story to mislead the public into believing that your health condition is mysterious.

  10. @12:00

    Let me explain something to you, you delusional ass bitch, I am 100% the gender that I am suppose to be. I don't need no MF pills to make me feel whole.

    LOL, this is why it is so easy to fool the masses, yall are under the impression that because a person studies in a university and have all of these so called Degrees that makes them an authority on everything that has to do with health. Nothing could be further from the truth. Did you know that these doctors are nothing more than agents for these large pharmacuetical companies. Yeah, thats right, they are paid literally to push the products of these big coglomerates that don't give a fuck wheither you get better or not. They just want to keep saling your dumb retarded, ignorant, delusional azz these poisons that will make you even sicker, so they can sale you another drug. It is of no benefit to them that you cure your sickness because they became billionares off of you illness. You dumb fuck. The best medicine is holistic. Things that have been taken out of Mother Earth.

    You know what, I'm not going back and forth with a simpleton that is hiding behind a computer screen. Drop dead, your dismissed

  11. Another thing, please don't throw salt on anyone visiting this web site because you can also include yo damn self in the analysis. I see you brought your ass back here.

  12. Just b/c she has extra tissue that divides her vagina into two does not make her intersex. There were more women w/ this condition.

    Intersex is not caused by incestuous relationships. People that are born that way didn't have a choice.

    Some societies have many genders within the two full sexes and many forms of intersexuals.

    This site is wrong. People cannot help how they're born. We're not perfect. Some ppl are born w/o arms or legs. Some women have to have a breast removed from cancer. The world is not perfect. We cannot help that.

    I hope you grow as a person and quit getting thrills off of this. You probably get off this.

    No need to reply. I won't be back to support this ignorance.

  13. You need to study more about the subject matter. That BE YOUR TALKING sounds good and all, but unfortunately it isn't the way the world is. Of course no one is blaming them for their condition, but for a family to keep screwing each other and creating these freaks of nature, is another story. When I first visited this site I was taken aback by it, but after I did extensive research on the subject matter, I came to find out that the moderator is on point. Y'all had better wake the fuck up and fast.

  14. I meant that BS