Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lady Ga-Ga

Many websites and blogspots are reporting that images from Lady GaGa's recent Grammy performance validates her gender as 100% female.

Well, i guess these people lack knowledge of the ladyboys who tuck professionally in Pattaya, Bangkok and of course - how can we forget the original tuck-boy David Bowie (alter ego Ziggy Stardust):

Ziggy Stardust or rather David Bowie is currently married to the fashion model Iman:


  1. I've always thought that David Bowie looked strange. Almost inhuman. You can tell that they are into some deep satanism.

  2. Hey moderator, i don't know your email address otherwise i would have sent this post to your mail but i came across something rather interesting on youtube. I think i am beginning to believe it when you pointed in posts months ago that Beyonce is an intersex. Check out this video on youtube
    I think this must have been years ago during the DC days but what caught my attention the most in the video was at the 0.05 mark... where she was getting her makeup on. One side of her face had makeup on and the other side had no make up on. The side with no make up on i could have sworn Beyonce looked like a man! The other side with the makeup on she looked like the regular "feminine" Beyonce seen on tv, videos etc...
    Seriously i was shocked to notice that detail. So it is makeup that makes her look totally feminine. I think without it, it seems like she has manly features like her "sister" Solange.
    I actually think am starting to believe that Beyonce is actually an intersex. Her being used by the Illuminati as a puppet to push homosexual/intersexual agenda on the minds of the unsuspecting many makes me even believe that she is an intersex. I believe that maybe they need Intersex like Gaga and Beyonce like they did in the "video phone" music video to spread the agenda through subliminal messages.
    Seriously there are things in this world that eyes can not see and i believe there is evil around. Lord have mercy.

  3. Mod - i caught oprah winfrey show yesterday. She has a confused ass hermaphrodite on her show. She talked about being born male (all american highschool pretty boy footbal star) who didn't tell his parents that he was undergoing a sex change operation.

    Oprah introduced her (or his) girlfriend who also stated that he (or she) has a few gender issues as well. Oprah went on to say "so you are a lesbian right.." and the person answered yes.

    You could tell that both were hermaphrodites.

    Oprah is misleading america into believing that these hermaphrodites are really lesbians.

    If you transition into a girl then you are a lesbian. If you transition into a boy then you are gay.

    She never mentioned that these people were born with ambiguous genitals. The parents didn't dfiscuss it.

    Both had a sex change operation and one had their breast removed.

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