Monday, February 22, 2010

Don't Ask Don't Tell....

There's an issue brewing within the Military. In February, Republican Duncan Hunter (A vet representing CA) shared his insights into the Don't Ask Don't Tell Military Policy with representatives from the National Public Radio. He told them that the "special bond" among soldiers would be broken "if you open up the military to transgenders, to hermaphrodites, to gays and lesbians". The interviewer repeated, "Transgenders and Hermaphrodites" and Hunter answered, "Yea, that's going to be part of this thing. It's not just gays and lesbians, it's this whole thing."

The issue with understanding hermaphrodites and their conditions has reached congress. Honestly Speaking, the public is not prepared for this acceptance as they are without a clear understanding of the life cycle endured by the transgendered, hermaphrodite, gays or lesbians.


  1. Imagine a pregnant male hermaphrodite being discharged because he has no one to take care of his child and his buddies unaware that he had a vagina and trying to figure out who got him pregnant.

  2. a person who enrolls as a male. works with those born 100% male. He didn't share that inside he always felt like a woman. he cries out for attention, he can't handle the stress of being manly.

    He confides in another soldier, they date secretly because they are covered under the don't ask don't tell. the guy gets pregnant and both are removed secretly from service with respect to the don't ask don't tell.

    inmates born as a hermaphrodite lives in isolation. this is due to prevent being raped by a bunch of males if they found out that a person has a vagina but look just like a male.

    In women jails, if a person has a penis, she is isolated from women born 100% female.

    The media will not address these issues. You have to search for this information and read on your own.

  3. @ 2:21 am

    Translation: Crack shot is not a try to sing. ...............

  4. When it is revealed that a person is gay or lesbian. That's all you hear and instantly you think about man and man or woman and woman. We are not taught the in-betweens; that there exist the hermaphrodite who after they transform can opt to be lesbian or gay.

    However, i do recognize that people who wasn't born with a genetic disorder have decide to become a homosexual as well but most of these people are in-betweens; gender wise.

  5. The Hermaphrodite = In-Betweens.