Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lady GaGa:

Recently revealed that she wrote a 80 page thesis on famous nudist photographer Spencer Tunick, during her studies at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts. Spencer Tunick is known for gathering naked people together to pose for group shots in landmark locations around the globe.

The famous photographer heard about this and has sought to read the singer's thesis. He was quoted as saying, "Can someone find me that thesis, maybe I can get some tips to financial success in there...".

Some websites are reporting that Spencer has offered Lady Ga-Ga to pose naked in his upcoming photo shoot.

The photo shoot titled "Base" is scheduled for March 1st and will feature 2000 naked people posing on the steps on the Opera House, inside the building and in the Botanic Gardens.

Lady Ga-Ga is scheduled to slip into this photo shoot without notice. In addition MTV has reported that the singer posed topless on the cover of Q - England Magazine. Articles are also circulating around the internet that Lady GaGa appearsreported on this cover with a huge bulge in her pants. She (or he) has always sent subliminal messages through her entertainment crafts, when will she become direct to reveal what we already know? Only time will tell...


  1. Omg did u see rupaul on the Monique show today?

    He basically rvealed the agenda today..

    Said Is wanting to reach the "kids"

    promoted his gay book and denounced god..

    And get this he goes on to say.. He said he was a Woman.. And never actually really said he was a MAN

    must seee

    Please post more about rupaul

  2. Never said he was a woman I mean

  3. @7:55 PM

    Search this blog, the moderator posted on RuPaul and revealed that he was born 'that way'. He was raised as a girl. During his early years, he was extremely feminine and this made him a selectable feast within Hollywood.

  4. First of all for you idiots that didn't know rupaul isn't a hermaphrodite at all he is a gay man who dresses like a woman also know as a drag queen much like miss jay on americas next top model.