Thursday, May 20, 2010

Charles Darwin

It has been reported that Charles Darwin was birth through incest and that he married his cousin; who birthed children that were born of ill defects.

According to reports:

Charles Darwin, the author of the theory of evolution, may have been right to worry that his children’s health had been affected by the inbreeding in his own family, especially that of his wife, Emma Wedgwood, who was his first cousin.

A calculation based on first-cousin marriages over four generations of the two dynasties suggests that Darwin’s children had a mild degree of inbreeding, measured by the chance of inheriting the same version of a gene from both parents. Possible consequences of inbreeding can be seen in the children’s illnesses and degree of infertility, three researchers report in the current issue of BioScience.

Darwin, after discovering the lack of vigor in inbred plants, worried that first-cousin marriages like his own might have adverse genetic effects, and that his own children might be affected.

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  1. The evolution of species should be re-written as the evolution of hermaphrodites (children birthed through incest). It's so obvious that Charles Darwin studied his family genetic deforms. They many connections missing from his work that never linked.

    His parents were cousins and they never revealed their truth. Charles Darwin set out of discover this on his own.

  2. Wow. Charles Darwin turned his research into understanding his own family members genetic traits? They were a bunch of children birthed through incest who didn't understand their own transformations. Their parents never shared their truths, so he went out to discover this through her research, and lied to his professors about it all.

    He's a total failure!

  3. lol @ the evolution of the hermaphrodite!

  4. You meant, "The Origin of Hermaphrodites" @ 7:03 am

  5. did the person above just call Darwin a failure?

    really?! same Darwin right, one that proved evoltution?

    A FAILURE!!!

    jesus christ 0_o

  6. Darwin was a failure!

    He married his cousin ops i mean COUSINS!

    His children with born with defects. He studied the evolution of their defects. To be quite honest with you, Darwin's parents were first cousins, so he studied his abnormal growths as well. He was educated because he spent most of his life indoors (He was a "Caged Bird" - you should read this book as well. The moderator has a interesting post on the book titled "I know why the caged bird sings").

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