Monday, June 7, 2010

The Hermaphrodite: Andrew Mbugua or Audrey Mubugua

Raised as a male name Andrew until he reached the age of puberty, his male body began to transition into a female. To fully transition, Andrew changed his name to Audrey and took hormone pills to push his male body into a female at age 19.

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  1. Looks are very deceiving. I am starting to believe that Sandra Bullock was born as a male and transitioned into a female. As s/he ages she looks more and more like a man. She appeared on a "guy" award show months after her husband cheated on her with a girl. Was she trying to tell us that she was born male and she kissed a girl on that award show?

  2. this blog is moronic.. and here i'm a herm.. no one can tell it either and all this crap i'm seeing here is mostly ignorant anti instead of pro.

    you got a long way to go, sorry, you're not going to make it there.

    single sexed people are just lacking, nothing more.

  3. Ya damn right yo ass is lacking. Lacking a REAL DEFINITE gender. You can't tell me that you hate the fact that your NOT normal.

  4. Your ignorance is appalling and your nastiness is pathetic, but the high level of personal fear you reveal by your attitudes expressed here is what is truly frightening. I only hope the majority of people who end up at this silly and sorry site will need to read no further than the header, which erroneously claims Hermaphrodism "is a disorder caused by an incestuous relationship", and thereby skip the rest of your vitriolic and ridiculous nonsense. Scientifically speaking, Hermaphrodism is a condition that occurs naturally throughout nature in a variety of species due to various causes — one of which is that it helps to preserve the species in some circumstances. You could say God created hermaphrodites along with all the other diversity in this world. There is also good evidence that Hermaphrodism can occur as a result of exposure of the developing fetus (human or otherwise) to toxins, drugs and other contaminants, which should be of concern since you can't blame that "incest", but must accept some of the blame along with the rest of us for the way we treat our environment. Take some time to educate yourself and you will find the world is a much less scary place, which will, I hope, free you from your fear and nastiness. And try to develop a little compassion...given the "nature of things", your child or grandchild, could be born a hermaphrodite through no fault of his or her own — and through no fault of yours.

  5. Does the person who runs this blog speak English? After reading both posts and responses here, I get the feeling that 80% of the content on this site is either written by someone with a learning disability or someone who simply has never been taught the English language.

  6. The person that created this site, is on freaking point! !! I've did my own investigation and research on her claims their right and exact. Moderator continue doing what your doing. I'M PAYING ATTENTION.

  7. so if intersex people are a result of incest then check out Klinefelter's syndrome( effects 1 in 1000 men) or Turner (effects 1 in 2500 women)....there must be a hell of alot of incest in the world. funny i never noticed it?

    having spent 6 years in medical school actually reading books (yes books! like the net but more cleverer) i can safely say i have researched more than the blogger.

    and of course something you may be more familiar with: micropenis, also a result of being intersex.

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