Friday, July 30, 2010

The Hermaphrodite: Leandro Cerezo or Lea T

Born Leandro Cerezo, the 28-year-old son of former soccer star Toninho Cerezo is preparing to fully transition from male to female. According to reports, the s/he will undergo hormone replacement therapy before s/he has the required gender-reassignment surgery.

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  1. Is it possible that Gisele B√ľndchen was born as a hermaphrodite?

    Please read this article:

    Bundchen opened up to Vanity Fair recently about the brand new marriage, but it was other comments about her husband's son, John Edward Thomas, that caught the attention of many readers.

    "I understand that he has a mom and I respect that," Bundchen said of the son from Brady's previous relationship with actress Bridget Moynihan. "But, to me, it's not like because somebody else delivered him that's not my child. I feel it is, 100 percent."

    The comment touched a nerve with many mothers who believed that, as a stepmother, she crossed a line.

    She has no maternal instincts as most of these hermaphrodites are born without.

    Here is the link to the actual article:

  2. What is it with these hermaphrodites and their parents? Her or his - rather...father was recently quoted as saying that his son (or daughter) always struggled with his or her identity as a child.

    It's the same speech we heard from the singer "Cher" about her daughter or son rather..Chastity - now Chaz.

    There are many hermaphrodites living a flip flop life style in hollywood.

    This also stamps that fact that Leo or Lea's parents are hermaphrodite carriers as Chaz or Chasity parents are/were.

  3. The picture is rather sick! Terrible!

    Now he's growing breast?

    He will have breast and a penis? Why don't they show the part of his sex organ that they are cutting away? Guess that picture will be saved for medical students to view.


  4. I don't know if you're completely ignorant or just plain blind to the fact that there is a great difference between hermaphroditism and being transgenedered . Hermaphroditism is when one has both organs. It is not the result of incest, or you would have been born that way. It's pure genetics, and its has something to do with the chromosones just like being colorblind or having down syndrome. There is no absolutely no fucking thing wrong with being born intersexed, you idiot so stop talking about it like it's a deviance and it's not curse you asshole. Trasgendered on the other hand are people who feel like they want to be the opposite sex and mutilate themselves in the process.
    Stop using the two words interchangeably it just reflects the extent of your stupidity and ignorance.
    Apparently you're having the hots for all the trannies out there. That's your fucking problem, but have some respect of the intersexed. They are not cursed.

  5. If the gene's aren't "pure" it can cause a whole lot of defects.

    When people stop using the term "hermaphrodite" it was replaced by the terms "intersex, transgendered, in-between etc".

    A person born trans - gendered has the option to transition from one gender to the next because they were born that way!

    If you were born "that way" and later discovered that your parents ARE cousins (or related) isn't your fault.

    If you decide to have children, your children or grandchildren will carry the genetic trait that you carry!

  6. "Hermaphroditism is when one has both organs. It is not the result of incest, or you would have been born that way."

    Follow the trait! The genetic trait! How did it originate? Read!!!

    Educate yourself about genetics!

  7. If you don't believe that your parents are related, test them! You heard me TEST THEM!

    Grab a petri dish and place your parents DNA in them. Take them to a science lab and test them.

    Incest! Test your parents! Test your grand parents. Test you current boyfriend (or girlfriend) you two might be related.

  8. Do he have a uterus? This can explain his true reason for becoming a female.

  9. "In Pakistan’s case there is yet another category of political heterosexuals. These are individuals or forces that might pretend to be feminine but are actually the other, or they tend to swing both ways. Therefore, politics has increasingly become the game played by political hijras (eunuchs) or heterosexuals."

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