Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Douglas "Black" Bowman

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Everytime a black related blog, social networking site or adult related website is created, the view source code always reveal the design team as stopdesign. After this is discovered, the creative team members are instructed to remove the web address www.stopdesign.com out of their page source codes (right click...view source). Stop design has been credited for adding their design spins to the following websites; Blackplanet, Concreteloop, Bossip, Theybf, Blackpeople Meet, Blackhat World and most recently Rhymeswithsnitch.

The person who has been credited for developing the websites listed above, is known around the industry as "Black Douglas" but his biological name is Douglas Bowman and he's a well known UI designer who left google to become creative director for twitter.

So, remain mindful that you're not actually supporting black sites who dish out the latest on black celebrities. Truthfully speaking, you are supporting websites with the black culture in mind.

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  1. smh, this is the guy behind that whole issue with blackplanet. after it was revealed that he created this site, the membership dropped. then he went with google and created several popular black blogs and black websites. he left google and now he's with twitter. dude is obsessed with black people's money. bastard!

  2. it's not just black people's money, he's used those sites to track down successful black people. it's deeper than just a point and click.