Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Hermaphrodite: James or Victoria Carmen White

This is James White, nine years after sex-change surgery and four years after legally changing his name to Victoria Carmen.

The NJ.com reports:

The victim of a fatal shooting in Maplewood on Sunday was a woman, not a man, as had first been reported, the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office announced today.

Victoria Carmen White was a post-operative transgender female having undergone sex reassignment surgery, the prosecutor’s office said. Her birth name was James White, the name authorities provided following her death.

Her birth certificate was legally changed to reflect the new name. Her age was also incorrect; she was 28 years old, not 29.

White, of Newark, was killed at 5 a.m. in a relative’s home on the 100 block of Jacoby Street. The case is still being investigated, and no arrest has been made or motive given.

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  1. She probably was having sex with someone who found out she use to be a man. Then they exterminated his/her ass. You transgendered folks had better stop trying to fool these man or there's gonna be a lot more of y'all coming up dead.

  2. Man it's strange that his/her family refuse to reveal that she was born a he, but your birth documents don't lie.

    He was born as James White and there are many more malelookingwomen hermaphrodites that live in New York and New Jersey that's trying to make it big in New York City.

  3. "You transgendered folks had better stop trying to fool these man or there's gonna be a lot more of y'all coming up dead."

    These hermaphrodites will have another march in support of this hermaphrodites death. James lies caught up with him. He probably lied to several man claiming that he was pregnant and walked away with some abortion money. James lies caught up with him and now he's dead. But how can someone come into your relatives house and shoot you dead without someone recognizing who the shooter was or is? Something about this story isn't right at all.

  4. James White was one of those kids who could light up a room with his smile, and behind that smile was the soul of person who cared deeply for others, said Erin Littles, a friend who got to know White when they attended Columbia High School together a decade ago.

    As reported earlier, White, who grew up in South Orange and attended Columbia High School, was murdered at approximately 5 a.m. yesterday at 159 Jacoby Street in Maplewood. It was later reported that White had undergone sex reassignment surgery and had legally changed her name to Victoria Carmen White.

  5. "Following an examination by the Medical Examiner and further investigation, it has been confirmed that the victim was a post-operative transgender female having undergone sex reassignment surgery."

  6. When a transitioned hermaphrodite is murdered, other transgendered hermaphrodites becomes very upset when the person is still identified by their birth name and all details of their life is exposed to the public. It was the goal of the transgendered hermaphrodites to die without their past life being exposed. If they changed their gender from male to female, they want to die female and vice versa.

  7. It took james 10 years to fully transition into a female. Did he stay in NJ during his transformation or did he lives somewhere else?

  8. I would like to say this, I do believe a lot of these transgendered ppl are hermaphrodites, however NOT ALL OF THEM ARE. I know this Guy that was born 100% male and he now taking hormone pills and getting ready to undergo gender reassignment surgery. The reason I know is because I used to baby sit him as an infant and cleaned his ass a many day. He was born with a specific gender, MALE.

  9. @ 6:36 AM

    There are some people who grow up hermaphrodites or confused about their sexuality.

    I know a guy who was born 100% male as well. He was molested by his uncle and grew up liking boys. He actually fell in love with a hermaphrodite and that person's lifestyle. The straight guy decided to take the hermaphrodites hormones pills and grew breast and a ass just like a females. He had a hard time with doctors because they wouldn't remove his penis. In other words, the doctors couldn't perform a sex change on the straight guy because there was nothing extra to alter down there (he wasn't born that way).

    Now the hermaphrodite (born with a uterus) is pregnant with the straight man's baby.

  10. The straight guy use to tell everyone that he was raising money for his reassignment surgery. With that money, he bought a house and a car and moved to a different state. He sent a letter telling his mother that he's living in Los Angeles and that she's expecting a grandchild soon.

  11. @ 6:36 PM

    ...and not all gay men where born with ambigious genitals. Most young boys who were molested grow up gay. The other who were "born that way" were born as hermaphrodites with male/female genitals. These hermaphrodites last transition into either male or female (the gender that dominates the body most is often selected).

  12. What I find mind boggling is why in the hell is Hollyweird so obsessed with hermaphrodites? What the fuck gives man. These ppl are exceedingly demonic man. This is some sick shit.

  13. @ 7:58 AM

    Hollywood is obsessed with these hermaphrodites because they can alter their entire identity (intake of hormones pills) to suit the character that a director is looking for. It takes 10 years for a hermaphrodite to fully transition into a gender that a doctor states is the most dominate.

    The hermaphrodite who decide to go evil are often used to perform rituals. They get paid a lot of money but that money isn't worth losing your soul.

    These people from Hollywood believe that a person born neither male or female has two souls. However, the most dominate gender holds the soul; one soul.

    On the flip side, Hollywood enjoys tricking a straight man; who isn't accepting of the gay lifestyle into believing that he's in love with a straight woman. When in reality, that wo-man was born male.


  14. a hermaphrodite with a uterus has a agenda: the str8 man's sperm.