Monday, April 11, 2011

The Hermaphrodite: Chaz Bono

Appearing as a fully transitioned male, Chaz Bono (Cher's daughter) and his girlfriend Jennifer Elia were spotted at the 22nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards. The event was held yesterday in Los Angeles, California at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel.


  1. Chaz and Jennifer are cousins!

  2. The fuck is this misinformed bullshit? Transsexualism and intersex conditions are completely different. And no one should be referred to as a "hermaphrodite". It's a generally offensive and incorrect term.

  3. Whatever! Let's take this shit back to the root of their problem!

    They were once called hermaphrodites. They decided to drop the term to be called intersex because they felt like monsters.

    Well, damn! You decided to have sex with one of your family members and birth a child. Now you have deformed children running around the world. Some of these deformed children birthed deformed hermaphrodites.

    And now you want the world to treat you like a normal male or female? Please! You were born as a hermaphrodite and you are still running away from your problem by telling the world that you are not WHAT you are!

    How come transexualism (transgendered) is directly related to the term intersex?


  4. "And no one should be referred to as a "hermaphrodite". It's a generally offensive and incorrect term."

    Well, what shall we call them? How can we make the word hermaphrodite 'pretty' again?

    So that these people can feel 'pretty' everytime they hear the word 'hermaphrodite'?

    This is crazy. Did you ask your doctor not to call you a hermaphrodite?

    If you agreed to have a child by your family member, you deserve the consequences that comes with the bad decision that you made.

    Thomas Bettie's (the so-called pregnant man) mother committed suicide! She knew it was wrong to have a child by her cousin! After she did, her family disowned her and she killed herself.

    Her daughter lied to the world. She has a vagina and a micro penis. She was born as a psedohermaphrodite!

    This lifestyle is filled with a bunch of lies.


  6. thats cher's son not daughter. you must really be running out of shit if you regurgitating this old mess.

  7. There will always be shit to talk about. As long as you people continue to have sex with your cousin and produce deformed children who have children that are born as hermaprodites.

    They are some people who were born 100% male and 100% female on this blog who has no clue about your fucked up lifestyle.

    All of those gay websites are run by hermaphrodite who continue to push your agenda.

    Sorry that this site doesn't support the hermaphrodite agenda.

    For some people, this is the first time that they are seeing Cher's daughter dressed as a man.

    She got her vagina stitched up and the extra skin helped reshape her penis.

    For all these years, no one knew that Cher's daughter had a vagina and a penis. Even though she told people that she was a lesbian.

    She forgot to tell people that she was born as a hermaphrodite.

  8. If you are going to reveal your story to the public. I suggest that you tell us the whole truth. There are many loopholes in Cher and Sonny's story.

    They told many fibs when their child was born and America was duped into believing that Cher had a beautiful daughter.

    As soon as Cher's beautiful daughter hit puberty she began to look in-between (neither male or female). She had to take hormone pills but didn't want her body to appear feminine because inside she always felt like a he.

    So here we are almost 20 years later and the truth finally comes out (partial truths).

    Cher actually gave birth to a hermaphrodite. For all these years, her daughter had a penis and a vagina.

    If you're going to tell the truth. Start from the very beginning. Tell us how Cher was able to give birth to a hermaphrodite.

  9. this whole site is ignorance in rare form. i think ill take it down...