Friday, April 13, 2012

The Hermaphrodite: Thomas or Christiance Voelling

Thomas (or Christiance) lives in Germany and has spent his life coping with his genetic makeup. He was quoted as saying, "My childhood and teenage development was often agonizing because I did not really know what was wrong with me and where I belonged..". At age 47 the Nurse and Author of "I was a man and woman - My life as an intersexual" shared his (or her) story with NBC News Producer Andy Eckardt. During the interview, Thomas reveals to readers that a doctor removed his female reproductive organs without consent - he later sued and the doctor was ordered to pay over 100,000 in damages. To date, Thomas is living his life as a woman name Christiance and is determined to fight for the rights of those who were born "this" way. Click here to read Christiance's story.

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