Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hermaphrodites In Hollywood

"While his name has become almost synonymous with the word “handsome”, this actor was not born a male. He was actually born a hermaphrodite. He had both testicular and ovarian tissue, and ambiguous-looking external genitalia. In other words, he was born with both male and female parts." --- The # 1 blind gossip website that has Hollywood entertainers on the edge of their seats posted an interesting "blind item" today. This one features a famous manly Actor who was born as a hermaphrodite; neither male or female - despite his manly appearance and popularity. Who is he? Click here to tune into the conversation:
Update: The answer to this post was solved (leading Actor Brad Pitt) and appears to be an April Fools joke. However, it rings truth for some leading men within Hollywood and as the saying goes, there's an ounce of truth in every joke. Please note that Brad and Angelina have a daughter name Shiloh whose gender is at question.


  1. People are saying it's Brad Pitt. It very well could be because I don't really see his Adam's Apple and if he wanted to pass off as a man, wouldn't he have one?
    Seems suspicious.
    Or Rob Lowe who doesn't really look like he has one either.

    1. For the person that thinks that only men have adams apple do your research and you will find out that women have it to its jst way smalle.

  2. If it was Brad Pitt, well that would make sense because Angelina gave birth to hermaphrodite twins. Shiloh refuse to wear girl clothes and already decided to live her little life as a boy.

    I also thought about LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian's relationship.

    He can't seem to keep a relationship and they seem like a very odd couple and he has been marketed as "handsome" for quite some time.

  3. Also, some gay men in Hollywood were born female.

  4. It was an April fools joke on blind gossip people...haha

  5. I wonder why after all these years, Brad and Angelina decides to Marry. lol

  6. Angelina is a freak, so i'm not surprised that she fell for Brad. We are talking about a female who adores kissing her brother!

  7. When Shiloh was a baby, Angelina dressed her in boys' clothes for the cover of People. I think it is possible there is nothing odd about Shiloh besides her cameraho parents.

    As far as this blind, it's Angelina who is the one to look at for this. She made out with her brother on multiple red carpets, in photoshoots, and at after parties until she was told in no uncertain terms to stop if she wanted a career. Then, she suddenly married Billy Bob Thornton and started making out with him any time a camera was around.

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