Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Androgynous: Janet Jackson

Those writhing lyrics, those distorted, androgynous vocals, that megapop production; listening to Janet Jackson swivel about on latest single Feedback, (in which the lines "Do you like my style? Yeah, sexy sexy sexy" actually feature), can't help but make you think of Britney Spears. In other words, it sounds desperate. Why is this one-time primo mistress of dance-pop reduced to chanting about her body being a peep show and insisting she's still got it? Because sexual aggression, in this case marked out by a pulsating beat and unrelentingly lascivious lyrics, remains the first port of call for any popstar trying to assert the image of an "empowered woman". It's both depressing and boring to hear someone with the professional longevity of Jackson boast: "Light Skin, Dark Skin, My Asian Persuasion, I Got them all, that's why these girls out here hatin'?" Please, Janet, it's not a competition.

This was the situation in the ’80s when Janet Jackson and Madonna—both of whom recently played in Vancouver (see previous links)—appeared on the burgeoning music video scene. The two pop princesses, whether they realized it or not, reflected two divergent streams of feminism. They also reflected the classic virgin versus whore dichotomy prevalent throughout much of Western culture.

Janet Jackson started out with the “Let’s Wait Awhile” approach: respect first before sex (and her name “ain’t baby”), and covered up every inch of her body head to toe (even wearing gloves). She thwarted the male gaze by exerting “Control” over her image, which many female pop stars did not have.

Janet Jackson's approach also tended to fall in with much of the prevailing school of ’80s feminist thought, which challenged male-dominance and systemic sexism embedded in contemporary cultural forms like pop images. At its furthest man-hating extremes, however, this movement failed to provide a practical resolution for female-to-male sexual relations, and was verging on providing lesbian sex as the only route for sexual pleasure.
The song's video, directed by Dominic Sena in June 1993, challenged notions of culture and sexuality in a highly stylised and imaginative presentation with a theme of voyeurism. The video is set in an exclusive club in Asia, where entrance can only be gained via the password "if." Inside the club, Jackson performs suggestively with dancers amongst androgynous and polysexual characters.

As I said, Janet Jackson was married already before she unlawfully married Rene Elizondo in what was claimed to be a secret marriage. The truth of the matter is that the marriage was illegal for more than one reason. Not only was it illegal because she was already married, but Rene Elizondo is a eunuch, meaning he was like a house pet that got neutered.

He was a homosexual who was willing to do anything to live the high life and he agreed to give up his testicles to live in the same home as Janet. His motive was blackmail, after he realized he fucked himself up he was going to tell the world that Janet was a lesbian and married a man who had no testicles. This would have destroyed Janet’s image and she could not mention me, so she agreed to this alleged secret marriage and gave him the Malibu Home out of sympathy. But did his welcome terminate?
We all know that Janet can't be trusted because she kept her eight-year marriage to Rene Elizondo a secret from the public until the couple divorced in 1999. However, Janet has also been the target of some pretty absurd rumors over the course of her career. For instance, I was told in high school that she had a metal plate inserted into her abs, and the other day I was told that she was dating the ugliest man in hip hop, Jermaine Dupri (someone tell me this is a lie).
She married James DeBarge and Renee Rene Elizondo, and now she's dating Jermaine Dupree.
At the MTV Video Music Awards in 1995, Jackson, then 29, showed off her wild side, wearing a "Pervert" tee. Her stylist Darryle Johnson later told PEOPLE that "she's having a moment where she's pierced everything – nose, navel, tongue and nipple. She might do something weird, but you love her anyway."
The Declaration Of Petitioner, Rene Elizondo

Janet Jackson will be really “upset” if beau Jermaine Dupri turns out to be gay. The avid gay rights advocate says she will be disappointed if her record producer/rapper boyfriend came out of the closet.

She tells E! news, ” I’d be upset because I want to be with him! It’s so funny because I joke with him, ‘It drives me crazy to be a girl sometimes, so in my next life I’m going to come back as a guy, and you’re going to be my bitch!”
The “All For You” singer also confessed her girl crush when asked who she’d have a same sex fling with.

Jackson, 41, answers, “I think I would pick Alicia Keys. I think she’s wonderful.”


  1. Janet Jackson is a nasty sister. Oh I'm sorry Ms. Jackson if your nasty. It has been rumoured years ago that Janet was sleeping with one of her female dancers. There are actually pictures of them hugged up together. We all know that the so called Jermaine Dupri union is a farce. these celebrities are really some sick Mother------s.

    they do all this Devilishment for fame and fortune. Don't they realize that you can take none of that material shyt with you when you leave here. Not only that, the Most High is going to tear them a new azz when judgement day comes. there is absolutely nothing that their Boule bothers and Sisters will be able to do for them when they meet the ELOHEEM.

    What these secret societies have in common is they know that there is more to life than Person, Place, and Things. We as humans are much more than this physical body. We have enate powers that are unlimited. Through proper diet, possitive thinking, genuine love, not taking drugs, compassion and patients, we are able to open up a whole new dimensions. And I mean this literally. We are one with the universe. We control our destiny.

    I quite sure everyone has heard the story in Genesis that before Adam and Ever fell from grace (the real Adam & Eve) they were able to communicate with the Eloheem (angels) at will. But because they disobeyed the commandment not to eat from the forbidden tree. They lost their Barathary Gland. This gland gave you all 7 of your senses. Yes there are really 7 senses. The other ones that they dont tell you about are Psychometry (being able to touch and object and tell what ever happened in its presence)

    Telepathy: mental communication w/o using words

    Intuition: the quick perception of truth by the mind w/o the intervention of any process of thought

    Clairvoyance: Clear sight to see into other dimensions

    the game that has been played on humanity is clear. They, the Human devils that really controls this earth plane, have made this a joke. This is why they keep producing these so called Science Fiction movies because they do not want you to realize that MAGICK is really possible. They want to keep us in a state of mental bondage. Meanwhile they are raping the planet and getting richer while the masses are struggling to survive.


  2. If you look closely at James and Renee, they look like they're related.

  3. Janet met James Debarge and became friends when she was 13 . In 1984, at 18 years old, Janet married James DeBarge against her parents wishes. They moved into the Jackson family estate (bad idea for any newlyweds to live with the in-laws Lawd Knows!!). James would be called to testify in the child molestation case against Michael Jackson in 1993. He was asked if any young boys had sleepovers when he lived in the mansion. As we all know the Michael settled the case out of court.

    It seemed like a marriage made in music industry heaven. Janet from the famous Jackson family and James from the Motown group Debarge. James is tall dark and handsome. Janet the pretty girl next door type. Janet was on the TV show fame and recording the album dreamstreet at the time. It was later reported she didn?t want to do the show it was her father?s idea who was her manager at the time (some say she was pregnant at that time) Due to the a very hectic schedule and living with the Jackson family was a strain on the marriage. On January 7 1985, Janet left James because she realized she couldn't help him with his problems. Janet later hinted that alleged affairs, drug and verbal abuse lead to the demise of the marriage. one of the alleged affairs was with singer/actress Vanity

    I remember when debarge was on promoting the album ?Dance all night? they were on Entertainment Tonight When the reporter asked about James and Janet marriage Chico stormed off the set.

    There has been a long standing rumor about Janet having James child since 1984. The story is that Janet was pregnant and her father Joe thought it would be damaging to her career if the public found out she had a child. She secretly gave birth to a baby girl and let a relative raise the child who would be a young adult now. This rumor has been addressed by one of Janet?s sister-in-laws on TV show "Hard Copy" she said it was true but didn't know the details. Chico Debarge talked about it in an interview with Wendy Williams. He says his mother looked in to the allegations. And found no proof of Janet having a child. As of recent one of the gossip rags claimed that Janet's daughter is one of her backup dancers.

    James is still in the music industry. He worked with a rap artists DJ Quik, Jwells, Won-G, Shorty of the lynchmob and appeared on soul train. He has since re- married and has children. One of his daughters Kristina De Barge (not his child with Janet) is a contestant on American Juniors on Fox.


  4. James DeBarge has three children: daughter Kristinia (born March 8, 1990), son James Junior (born 1998), and his youngest, daughter Tori, born 2001. Kristinia appeared on 2003's American Idol spin-off American Juniors.

  5. Babyface has a new partnership with Island Def Jam and he will launch his new record label called SODAPOP MUSIC. So I guess we can say that Babyface and Antonio L. A. Reid are back together, because L. A. Reid is incharge of Island Def Jam. Babyface’s first artist is the daughter of James DeBarge, 19 year old Kristinia DeBarge. You know that she is young, because Babyface wrote and produced many of the songs on her debut album.

    Picture of Kristinia DeBarge:

  6. As she gets older and older, the more she look just like a transexual! She's a gay icon too!

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