Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Update: The Hermaphrodite Kim Petras

POP sensation Kim Petras has caused a stir, as not only does she have an incredible voice - she used to be a boy called TIM.

The Sun revealed earlier this week how the 16-year-old singer had a sex-change op this year after telling docs she was born in the wrong body .

But whatever her gender and background, the German star is set to storm the charts with her debut single, Die For You.

And the singer insists it's her voice, not her story, that people should be concerned with.

Below we have a world exclusive first look at her music video, which is bound to raise a few eyebrows.

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  1. Mod it seems like they are preparing this person to become the next lady ga-ga:

    Tim Petras as a young boy - who expressed even at this age - that he felt he was a girl. Her parents did not object to their child’s sexual identity.

    Although transexual surgical procedures were attempted as early as the late 19th century, they were not successful, and lacked full comprehension of how the body would react to severe trauma; nor were the results aesthetically “passable.” Now, we have a report from Germany, where a young MtF transexual is the youngest on record. Having started hormones at the age of 12, she was legally allowed to undergo the operation at 16 in Germany - where she is from. Kudos to Germany for having the foresight to understand the SCIENCE behind human genetics and sexuality: not everyone is XY or XX, some are XXY or XYY. Of course, additional kudos to her parents for allowing her to become her own person, to become the well-adjusted, positive, contributing member to society she is now. Even more to Kim for becoming a stunning role model at 16 - we can’t wait untl she hits Oprah or Tyra - she’s going to cause a national sensation here in the U.S. We’re highly curious to see what the American reaction will be. We can assume what parents will say, but we’re even more curious if she can become popular as an artist, b/c she’s bound to blur the lines for many heterosexual boys and men.

    She is now on her way to becoming a sensationalistic pop star in her own right, not unlike Ms. Amanda LePore. Her voice is quite decent, if often synthed like Ms. Spears, and the tracks are nicely produced in the typical young pop girl confection style. Below are some links to her MySpace page, which has some music tracks, and a link to a more in depth article. As you can see from the photos, there is no doubt that she was MEANT to be female - we’re all gay and can admit, the girl is a total fucking knockout, by most anyone’s scale of beauty.

  2. This is the "Abomination that maketh desolate" quite literally, and it was the Xtian right wing that suggested this into the psyche of the left much like a computer virus, to bring us ALL to a stage of history known as "critical times hard to deal with" A 1290 day timer has been triggered ala "John Kramer" style, and the "Judgement of the nations" is on. Kim was actually born female (as also the Loebl child) they are a "Gladio" sleeper family of the facist right, they have incorporated the tactics of extreme Russian Nihilism into their arsenal against the non christian freedoms of the mentally mature west. Kim Petras= Kim Stone= The philosophors Stone=Androgeny i.e. Alchemical transformation
    Or perhaps The Lapis Lazuli cult of Heliogabalus i.e. The Abomination that maketh desolate once again. When she "comes to" you can help "weep for thet which was lost" with all your feinds...I mean friends. Expect a big earth disaster @ the end of the 1290 period. . .Find out how long ago she announced her operation and count from there as I dont really care to myself. This constitutes an act of "Mass Psychiatry" on the populace. . .I will explain this as a Psychiatrist storming into your room and heavily molesting you, storming out, storming back in with the ECT machine and "wiping your memory" for you. . .Have you heard of Tavistocks "Theory of turbulence" Ill give you a tip,. .Everything since 911 @ least was just a "Prelude to a Kiss". . .A tounge Kiss. . .Shalom

  3. ^^^^
    Yo what the fuck are you talking about?

  4. In reply to anonymous...It seems the top of my post got cut and only half was was pasted, I cant be bothered writing it out again but if you type "kim petras abomination that maketh desolate" into the google search their is a site "2012 blogspot" or as to that nature that I have also posted this, but what I was talking the fuck about was the beginning of what I have termed "Operation Peter" i.e. Theocracy. The book of Daniel is the Grand Grimoire of the 21st century. David "PETRAEUS" has been made boss of the C.I.A. the Petras's boss (they are "Gladio")

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