Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Singer NeYo gets caught up with a Hermaphrodite...

Rumor has it that there's a hermaphrodite preparing to oust singer Ne-Yo. This person has posted some very explicit pictures on an adult rated website. I hear that these pictures are extremely explicit. However, above is a picture of NeYo and the hermaphrodite in question. Many bloggers have reported that this hermaphrodite is preparing to destroy his reputation. This incident is also linked to NeYo most recent performance in the UK. It has been reported that NeYo was unable to finish his set due to an unknown illness and he left the stage in tears.

I see that this hermaphrodite has found a way to fish for what s/he wants.

Hollywood is filled with arranged situations.

Story Continues...


  1. Did NeYo pay this hermaphrodite to remain silent?

    Where are the rest of the pictures? These money hungry hermaphrodites have issues - apparently. They're more mental than physical.

    Sick shit!

  2. no matter what people say!!!!!Neyo is still the best.i love his vocals and music to..keep up the good work Neyo......

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