Saturday, December 11, 2010

Update: The Hermaphrodite Chaz Bono

"I hope it's going to help change hearts and minds on this issue so that people can fully understand," -- The Hermaphrodite Chaz Bono reveals to Entertainment Tonight as he prepare to showcase a documentary about his transformation from female to male at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

Click here to watch his brief interview with Entertainment Tonight (ET).


  1. Transformation is complete it seems. By the way this thing looks Nothing like Cher. Has anyone EVER seen Cher preggers?

  2. What's the point of all this focus on hermaphrodites?? I don't feel enlightened. It's a rare disorder. May God help them. Are you hermaphrodite? Otherwise, I don't get the obsession.

  3. @9:41
    Come to think about it, I ain't neeever seen a picture of Cher's ass preggers! Just like I've never seen a pic of Miss Wendy Williams preggers! All these celebrities are diabolical man. The question is not are they lying to us, its WHY DO THEY KEEP LYING TO US?? What R they trying to hide? All these black devils, assisting the whiteman in the destruction of the "etheric people ". But don't get it twisted, white people are in danger too. This planet is being ran by a bunch of blood drinking, incestrous, child sacrificing, shape shifting reptiles, posing as humans!

  4. ^^^Good observation about Wendy Williams! She claimed to be "on bed rest" the entire time!!